Listen to this little girl, Claire Ryann who sings one of her favorite pre-Frozen era song, “Part of your world” from “The Little Mermaid” which is a part of Walt Disney Record’s The Legacy Collection. At such a small age, its impressive that she knows so many lyrics of the song and she sings with so much innocence that it will surely melt anyone’s heart. She is full of cuteness! And how her daddy has made a video of her singing this song will be a lifetime of memory for her when she grows up into a beautiful young lady! Listen till the end to see what she asks here daddy.

There would be no one in this world who wouldn’t melt listening to her singing. This video has been watched for over 6 million times on Youtube and has over 30 million views on Facebook and Youtube combined, in just a matter of few day, and that because of the cuteness and innocence she has in her eyes and her voice. And after seeing a great response from all the viewer and seeing that it went viral, he decided to make another video where she thanks everyone for their support. Isn’t that just adorable? She also talks about how she celebrated her birthday with her friends. You must watch the video to listen to what she did, I am sure you will love it!

You can tell, how much her daddy loves her. She is her daddy little princess! I hope this little girl made you smile today!

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