“Ahmedabad” my traveling mind murmured, when I was confused with the places to visit in ‘Gujarat’, ‘Ahmedabad’ the largest city of Gujarat has so many interesting places and knowing about varieties of foods of Ahmedabad listed by one of my Gujarati friends I got overwhelmed with happiness. I decided to pack my bags and reached Ahmedabad to spend my 15 days holiday, these are the places I visited in my 15 days.

  1. Sabarmati Ashram
    Most familiar place to every Indian, It is one of the ancient ashram sites of Dandhichi Rishi who has donated his bones for a righteous war. Dubbed as the second home of Gandhi. This place has very importance, One can witness Gandhi’s glasses, slippers, books and letters.Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad
  2. Kankaria Lake
    Largest lake of Ahmedabad is located in the southern part of the city. It is an ideal picnic spot, it consists of Zoo, toy trains, water rides, water park, food stalls, a place where you have everything for entertainment. Every year festival is celebrated in the last week of December.Best Places IN Ahmedbad
  3. Jama Masjid
    Superb mosque of Ahmedabad, it is situated outside Bhadra Fort area, it is said to be the largest mosque in the subcontinent, built with yellow sandstone. It was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah consisting of 260 pillars with detailed carvings.Jama Masjid
  4. Adalaj Step well
    One of the eminent step well in Gujarat. It was made by Mahmud Begada for his queen Rudabhai, it is a remarkable place of Indian architecture. Ahmedabad was one of the arid region the step well provided water for drinking, bathing and washing.Adalaj Step well
  5. Sarkhej Roza
    A resolute building with an architectural touch attracts most of the tourists. It is a mosque and tomb complex located in the village of Makarba famous as ‘Acropolis of Ahmedabad’. Old culture is evident here.Sarkhej Roza
  6. Thol Lake
    It was constructed with an aim of irrigation, it is a shallow water lake surrounded by marshes, in 1988 it was declared as bird sanctuary you can witness 150 species of birds, about 60% are waterbirds. It is a beautiful place to enjoy the nature.Thol Lake
  7. Pol
    A pol is a housing cluster comprises of many families of a particular group, pols were made during communal rights, apart from two entrances they also have secret entrances which only resident of Pol may know. It is a great place which takes us back to the age when Ahmedabad was known as Manchester Of India.Pol
  8. Teen Darwaza
    One of the longest and oldest gate of Ahmedabad which will surely amaze you, Sultan Ahmed Shah established the gateway in the 141 A.D. it served as an entrance to Royal square at Bhadra fort, it is an amazing place to visit.
  9. Shah Alam Roza
    It is a medieval mosque and tomb complex in Shah Alam area of Ahmedabad, Shah Alam area consists of a group of buildings, a tomb, a mosque enclosed by bastioned wall.
  10. Hutheesing Jain Temple
    A best known Jain temple was initially planned by Shet Hathisinh Kesarisinh a wealthier trader who died at the age of 49 after then the temple was supervised by his wife, the double storied temple consist of 11 dieties, it is indeed a divine location.
  11. Calico Museum of Textiles
    The museum was founded in 1949 by industrialist Gautam Sarabhai and his sister Gira Sarabhai, it is one of the leading textile museum of the country. It has world’s best distinguished and comprehensive collection of textiles and artifacts. To witness traditional clothes of India one can visit the place.
  12. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
    Nearly 210 spices of birds land in Nal Sarovar every year, it is very delighted place for bird lovers.
    Location: 64km to the west of Ahmedabad near Sanand Village
    Timings: 6 am to 6 pm.Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
  13. Akshardham Temple
    One of the finest example of temple style and architecture, dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, pink sanstones are used to build the divine temple, the garden in the surroundings generate perfect atmosphere to sit, the Sat Chit Anand’s water show is famous.Location: Ahmedabad – 25 km (Sector 20,J Road, Gandhinagar, Gujarat)Akshardham Temple
  14. Iskon Temple
    Preferable place for mainly every religious person. It is regarded as one of the most popular temples in Ahmedabad. In the rushed city it is a place where you find peace.Iskon Temple
  15. Lothal
    It is one of the most illustrious cities for Indus Valley Civilization, Lothal means ‘Mound of dead’ it was discovered in 1954. It is situated near the Saragwala Village in the Dholka Taluka of Ahmedabad district. It is one of the listed sites in the eyes of archaeology.Lothal
  16. Jhulta Minar
    Highlight of the place is swaying minarets if one of the minaret will shake another one shakes automatically, it is a unique architectural marvel a master piece of architecture.Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad
  17. Rani Sipri’s Mosque
    The mosque was commissioned in 1514 by queen Sipri wife of Mahmud Begada who was a Sultan of Gujarat. It is named after Hindu queen of Sultan Mahmud Begada, Rani Sipri, after the death the queen was buried in this mosque, there is separate area for women to worship called as Jenana. The jali screen work is a prime attraction of this place.Rani Sipri’s Mosque
  18. Auto World Vintage Car Museum
    You will be amazed to see the collection of antique vehicles, cars, motorcycles etc. It is a world famous car museum in the world. Tourists are attracted to this place to see the cars from all over the world of different ages and types; good thing is you can enjoy the rides in those cars with a nominal charge.Auto World Vintage Car Museum
  19. Indroda Park
    The best place to get close to nature, this park covers a total area of 428 hectares covered with rich vegetation, the dinosaur and fossil section is the attraction of the place, it is bifurcated in different sections for nature lover like plant section, marine section, earth section etc. It is considered to be the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs.Location: 25 km from Ahmedabad (Geer Foundation, Deer Park, Indroda Village, J road, Gandhinagar, Gujarat)Indroda Park
  20. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
    A university of Ahmedabad which cannot be ignored, legendary and amazing construction of the university makes the university noticeable, one of the best places to gain executive education. It has served a brilliant location for popular movie of bollywood (2 States, starring Arjun Kapoor as Krish and Alia Bhatt as Ananya).Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
  21. Science City
    Perfect place for all curious minds. It was a bold initiative by government to draw more students towards education. It showcase imaginative exhibits, virtual reality, working models, successful experiments of an intellectual people to educate people with the science and technology.Science City
  22. Nirma University
    It is regarded as one of the prestigious universities of the Gujarat. Dr. Karsanbhai K Patel is the founder chairman of the Nirma group. The campus has lush green 125 acres on the S.G Highway. Infrastructure is perceptible.Nirma University
  23. Sabarmati Riverfront
    It is a waterfront developed along the banks of Sabarmati River, it is an attractive promenade made for people to walk and relax. One can just shut their frustrated mood here, boating, cycling cool breeze and green garden sum up the pleasant weather in the evening.Sabarmati Riverfront
  24. Vastrapur Lake
    A small beautiful lake was beautified by AMC where large number of people visits daily, it currently boosts open theater and children’s park, it drags attention to most of the children and couples. Pathway around the lake has been a boon for joggers and walkers. Surrounding the lake you can get food in varieties.Vastrapur Lake
  25. Vaishnodevi Temple
    A popular temple of goddess Vaishnav devi which is a replica of Vaishnav devi temple situated in Jammu and Kashmir. It is crowded everyday especially crowd gets doubled during Navratri (Hindu festival).Vaishnodevi Temple
  26. Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Center
    It was established in 1960s by eminent personality Vikram Sarabhai in Ahmedabad. The centre aims in popularizing science and Mathematics among students, teachers and public. It is a place for inquisitive minds.Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Center
  27. Shree Camp Hanuman Mandir
    Regular devotees here, people who visit once this temple get addict to the spirituality of the temple, clean and organized temple.Shree Hanuman Temple
  28. Parimal Garden
    Chosen place by many to hangout. Greenery and lot many birds can be viewed here, sober place to spend the morning and evening. Surrounding the garden there are many shops for clothes.Parimal Green Garden
  29. Kamla Nehru Zoo
    This zoo has variety of animals and birds, another option for animal lover, clean zoo, it is located inside the kankaria lake.Kamla Nehru Zoo
  30. Bhadra Fort
    It is a fort built by Ahmad Shah with beautiful carved royal palaces, mosques, gates and open spaces, it was also known as Arak fort.Bhadra Fort
  31. Alpha Mall
    After visiting too many architectural places, a place where most people love to go. It is the largest mixed used centre in Ahmedabad. The food court is superb in the mall. Parking is spacious, Ambience is perfect.Alpha Mall
  32. Swapna Srushti Water Park
    Ahmedavadis most rushing spot in weekends, Rides are amazing and safe, Fun and adventure both can be done here.Swapna Srushti Water Park
  33. Acropolis Mall
    A small mall with good restaurants and cinema theater makes the mall more preferable.Acropolis Mall
  34. Drive in Theatre
    Imagine you watching movie in open place feeling coolness of the weather in the evening, this is the best place where you can enjoy movie sitting in your car, sit with a carpet besides and enjoy the movie, the theatre consist of large outdoor movie screen, large parking area for automobiles.Drive in Theatre
  35. Sports Club
    Sports club in Ahmedabad is a heaven for game lovers, it is an epitome of entertainment and leisure in Ahmedabad. It is a place where you can rebound yourself with a positive energy.Sports Club
  36. SG Highway
    The highway connects Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, it is a place chosen by most of the Ahmedavadis for night drives, and they find the place most refreshing as it is out of the busy Ahmedabad.SG Highway
  37. Manek Chowk
    It is a notable city square of Ahmedabad, surrounded by historical structures, it is a vegetable market in the morning and amazingly switch into food market at night.Manek Chowk
  38. Info-city
    City within a city is the concept of Infocity, it provides built up space, IT plots, club house, it is known to be hub of ITes outsourcing hub in Gujarat.Info-city
  39. Swimming Pools in Ahmedabad
    The city is gifted with man swimming pools where you can enjoy the good water.
    Some of the best swimming pools:
    * Municipal Swimming pool.
    * Shree Kantilal Phoolchand Ghiya Municipal Swimming Pool.
    * Lal Darwaja Swimming Pool
    * Vasna Municipal Swimming Pool
    * Veer Savarkar Municipal Swimming PoolSwimming Pools in Ahmedabad
  40. Cyclone Discotheque Night Club
    If you are heading out for an amazing night out, this is the best night club of Ahmedabad. Songs played here creates vibrating ambience. End your holiday enjoying with colorful, energetic night.Cyclone Discotheque Night Club

These are the place which can make your trip memorable refreshing fun loaded.

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