Traveling is a bliss when you love to explore new places and enjoy tourist destinations. You have no idea how you can explore new spots and amazing places. You can come across different kinds of spots when you go to a new place. Now, talking about hill stations like Shimla,  you can have a wonderful and mesmeric time.

You can book comfortable rooms in wildflower hall mashobra for your stayover during your vacation. Of course, there are so many reasons that you should definitely go to this place. Shimla is a mesmeric and refreshing place that nobody should miss out on.

The Splendid Ridge

At the middle of the town is The Shimla Ridge. It is a place that offers remarkable views of the mountain peaks of the land. The Ridge is a large open space that unfolds from east to west along the Mall, which is actually another famous tourist destination. The ridge connects to the Scandal point on the west. In case you love the view of mountains, it is your dream spot. The stunning and pleasing view of snow-clad mountain ranges hypnotizes you. You would find really lovely site here and you may not control yourself  from taking some really amazing shots here. of course, you can find many people taking abundance of pictures at this place.  The entire Ridge gets you splendid views of the city.

Jakhoo Hill

Well, Jakhoo Hill is the region’s topmost area . But it is not the only reason for it being one of the most famous places to visit in Shimla. What makes this Jakhoo Hill a must-visit is its charm and splendid beauty. Spotted with alpine trees and surrounded by greenery, it is a perfect spot to relish sightseeing away from the busy of the city. Jakhoo Hill is even home to the well-known Jakhoo Temple and the statues of Lord Hanuman. So, you may get a touch of divinity, too. You would find this spot really refreshing and unique. You can find people of all age groups visit this amazing place. Once you are there, make sure that you visit the conventional Jakhoo temple.

Tara Devi Temple

Talking about this temple, it is among the most well-known Shimla tourist spots to visit. Balanced on the top of Tara Parvati, the temple is devoted to Goddess Tara, a goddess of the Tibetan Buddhists and that of a type of Shakti. The temple is beautifully located on the Kalka-Shimla Highway and is appreciated as the most sacred site in this region. Of course, no matter you are religious or not, you have no idea how people of all religions and even non-religious fellows visit this temple for its beauty and vibe you get from there.

Christ Church

No matter you are a religious person or not, you must not miss out on this spot. It is definitely an exquisite and stunning example of neo-gothic architecture; Christ Church has been actually an irreplaceable part of Shimla’s landscape and scenery. Situated on The Ridge, it was constructed in the year 1857 and it took nearly 3 years to complete this architectural marvel. Remember the splendid stained-glass windows, the clock tower and the amazing frescos are some of the fascinations of this church. It also includes the largest pipe organ in India and has been a portion of various Bollywood Films like three idiots and black. You would definitely be full of enjoyment one you are there. You can get some perfect pictures too  there.

Summer Hill

Now, it is the area that is really splendid and refreshing. It is quite a quaint town situated on the outskirts of Shimla; Summer Hill is also known as Potter’s Hill. In the past, it was where potters used to gather clay to make pots. At a height of nearly 1283 meter above sea level, Summer Hill provides spectacular sites of the valley and the greenery around. It is quite five km from the well-known Ridge, which is visited by tourists in huge numbers. The hill is actually a part of a bunch of seven hills, which create Shimla and hence you are definite to have breathtaking and amazing sights from the top. Of course, here too you are going to have plenty of  sites to explore and capture in your camera. You would love it for sure. After all, it is about exploring different spots that too in a beautiful manner.

Chadwick Waterfall

Do you actually like waterfalls? Well, who does not really!   When you talk about Shimla and surrounding spots, you cannot simply miss out on this spot. This Chadwick Waterfall is really a splendid spot. The waterfall actually cascades down from a tallness 86 meters which is actually a sight to behold. In case you look forward to see a sight that will be captured in your heart for your lifetime, you should visit these waterfalls specially during monsoons. You would have a good time and experience here. and, of course, when the waterfalls would be at your backdrop, you would have those perfect shots too.

Himalayan Bird Park

Snuggled in nature’s arms, this park is truly among the notable places to visit near Shimla. Needless to say, you are surely going to get to see plenty of birds in the Bird Park. But what makes this temple even more exquisite is the unusual bird species, encompassing the Himalayan Monal, peacocks, and even that of pheasants. The park also has an extensive collection of exotic and exciting plant species. A trip to the Himalayan Bird Park offers you an opportunity to get up nearer with nature and wildlife. You may find this spot really refreshing and exciting. After all, the vibes at this refreshing natural spot are really unique. You would find peaceful environs and a lot of freshness here.


So, before you plan your trip to Shimla for a vacation make sure that you book comfortable rooms in wildflower hall mashobra and ensure a comfortable stay amidst the hill. After all, your stayover should be as refreshing as your visit.

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