The finest Android games will keep you entertained and amused for hours. Whatever genre you choose — strategy games, FPS, arcade, and more there’s a game for you on Google’s Play Store. Debongo has curated the list of the top five best android games that can be enjoyed in 2021. First on the list is NBA 2K20, a premium sports game on Android, which is exceptionally uncommon. It looks fantastic and performs even better, and you might argue that it’s the best sports game on the Play Store overall. NBA 2K20 can be enjoyed by someone who isn’t a basketball fan. Just play the game to bring out your inner Kobe to score Dunks! GRID Autosport has some of the best driving action on the Play Store for racing game Aficionados, with outstanding gameplay and visuals. However, you’ll need a robust Android phone to operate it. Gwent is a spin-off of The Witcher 3’s renowned mini-game. You’ll also see creatures from the lore that you’re familiar with. It’s a strategic game that requires a lot of thought. Nevertheless, you’ll always end up loving it. Channel your inner Geralt to put up a worthy fight against Kikimoras and more!

Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic II is the successor to the first game, which took a far more sophisticated approach to the Star Wars premise. Characters are more ethically ambiguous, and your choices hold more weight. This version is well-done, with a mobile-friendly user interface. Whether you pick the dark or light side, you’ll end up admiring the game. It has the same appearance as its predecessor, which contributes to its allure. This is among the greatest RPGs ever developed, which should come as no surprise given its Obsidian origins. And for the final product, Call of Duty: Mobile is a fantastic mobile game with plenty of firearms to use and plenty of things to chase. The controls, whether they’re on a touchscreen or a controller, are pretty precise. Call of Duty: Mobile in totality the finest selections on this shortlist for a free-to-play game. It’s worth a shot! So here are all the best mobile android games; for further information, contact Debongo and let us know of any other video games that could join the list.

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