Are you looking for a different country to travel to than South East Asia, but still don’t want to miss out on beautiful beaches? Are you aiming for your next adventure? If this is you, then Costa Rica is the right choice. Located in Central America, the country is still separated from the overall mass tourism all over the world. In Costa Rica you can experience the laid-back lifestyle of the country and get lost in nature. From beaches to jungles or climbing volcanoes – Costa Rica is one big adventure which should not be missed.

The diversity of Costa Rica

Despite its small size, Costa Rica offers multiple highlights and attractions. It is not only the amazing beaches that mark the country. Costa Rica is as well a destination for adventures in nature and some interesting history lesson. This combination and the huge diversity are the reason, why the country is about to become more and more popular. It is now your chance to visit Costa Rica yourself and fall in love with the beauty of Central America.

The TOP 8 spots to visit

The list of the best spots to visit while traveling through Costa Rica is long. There are numerous possibilities to create your own personal adventure in the country. But these spots should not be missed:

The city of San Jose

The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose. The city will give you good insights into the culture and the history of the country. Take some days for the sightseeing and the ideal preparation of your travels through the country.

The National Park Manuel Antonio

One of the treasures of Costa Rica is this National Park. It does not only contain some of the best and most beautiful beaches of the country, but as well some adventurous treks in the jungle. For nature lovers, the National Park is the place to be in Costa Rica.

The Arenal Volcano

Have you ever seen or climbed an active volcano? For most travelers, this is the ultimate adventure and high on the bucket list. In Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano makes the dream turn into reality. You can go on various hikes in the area and enjoy the views on the mountain and the breathtaking surroundings.

The nature in Monteverde

This is the place to be for every traveler who loves nature and hikes. Many different trails lead you to the most beautiful parts of Monteverde and the clear highlight is the path over the hanging bridges. You can also learn more about the exotic animals of the country and the flora and fauna.

Surfing in Santa Teresa

It is the number 1 sport for travelers: surfing. Costa Rica offers the best conditions for both beginners and experienced surfers. In Santa Teresa you can catch some waves while enjoying the beautiful view on the beaches.

La Fortuna

One of the most visited spots in Costa Rica is La Fortuna. With incredible landscapes from waterfalls to another active volcano or the deep jungles, La Fortuna is calling the adventurous. You can go chasing waterfalls and take long hikes deep into the forest. La Fortuna is the perfect representation of the beautiful nature of Costa Rica.

The beaches of Uvita

Of course, the beaches of Costa Rica do not disappoint. One of the best spots for some relaxation and a piece of paradise is Uvita. The small village is located directly at the coast and has less visitors than the touristic centers. This allows you to enjoy some quiet time and get to know the rural part of Costa Rica.

The National Park Manuel Antonio

If you simply can´t get enough of the landscapes and the nature in Costa Rica, the National Park Manuel Antonio offers even more insights. Here you can either go on hikes and wander through the jungle or relax at the beach. It is also the ideal opportunity to try some snorkeling or take a tour to get to know more of the flora and fauna of the country.

Backpacker paradise Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the place to be – for Backpackers and other tourists the country offers the ideal destination for adventure and a relaxing vacation. The diversity is one of the many reasons, why Costa Rica should be on your list. If you are not convinced yet, visit the German website Backpackertrail. In different blog posts you will find a detailed route and more information about the country.

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