Have you ever heard about or seen a smoking ice cream? This restaurant, Zaffran Dining Experience, in Doha, Qatar has a special smoky touch to its menu. The use molecular gastronomy (food grade chemical compounds like liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide and calcium), which leads to new texture and flavors in the food. They have make many dishes this way. This video shows a family trying a food item, which looks like a smoking kulfi (ice cream), which is making them laugh so hard, because its a new dining experience for them. You will see smoke coming out of their nose and mouth! A reviewer on TripAdvisor says these were biscuits frozen in Liquid Nitrogen with fumes coming out, and it was so cold that his tongue even frozen eating that.

The Smoking Kulfi IcecreamThe Smoking Kulfi/Icecream #smoking #icecream #weird #food #weirdfood #India

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Will You try such bizarre food items? Will you dine at this restaurant when you visit Doha, Qatar?

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