Do you hate getting calls or annoying messages from unwanted callers? If you don’t link being bothered by people you don’t want to talk to or get messages from here are a few simple steps you can do on your phone and block those contacts. In case in future if you want to unblock them you can do that by following the same steps.

Blocking Unwanted Call

1. Go to Settings > My Device
2. Tap on Call menu
3. Then tap on Call Rejection > Auto Reject List.
4. Add the contact number to the list and click Save

 Blocking Unwanted SMS

1. Go to Messaging App
2. Tap the Menu key
3. Tap Setting
4. Enable the Spam Settings.
5. Now tap on  Add to Spam Numbers
6. Tap on the plus (+) sign to start adding number to block
7. Enter the number you want to block, (you can either enter phone number directly or you can choose from your contact)
8. Tap “Save”

You have successfully added a number to your block list and have blocked them, from sending you a text message
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