What is a Brand Ambassador? Brand ambassadors are typically working to promote brands. They have many responsibilities, but in general, they are expected to be knowledgeable about the brand and act as an advocates for it at events or through social media. Brand Ambassadors can work with just one company or many companies at once, depending on their goals and qualifications.

  • What is a Brand Ambassador?

  • Basic Requirements for Brand Ambassador

  • Brand Ambassador Pay

  • What educators need to know about becoming a brand ambassador

  • What is the Role of a Brand Ambassador?

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What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is the representative of a company that wishes to have a public face. Ideally, the candidate is well-recognized in their community and has a wide social network to help market for the brand. Furthermore, a brand ambassador also seeks out opportunities to promote her company with promotional activities at regional events.

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Basic Requirements for Brand Ambassador

A potential candidate for Brand Ambassador should be an outgoing, enthusiastic individual with a sizeable social media presence and a sizable network. They are typically already familiar with and endorse the brand as being a representative. Candidates considering working as brand ambassadors should have their own form of transportation available and lifting 50 pounds.

Brand ambassadors can take on a variety of responsibilities, including the following:

Representing the brand positively and professionally in a number of settings

Contributing to the content creation process (e.g., blogging, newsletter writing, product reviews)

Working in event marketing

Brand ambassadors are the main source of our word-of-mouth marketing

Becoming an opinion leader in his/her community

Providing input about new products/services

Promote the brand via his social media accounts

Brand Ambassador Pay

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the salary of brand ambassadors, including their experience, availability for work, and negotiating skills. The payment for a brand ambassador can vary depending on the circumstance of their employment:

Salary: The national average reported salary for brand ambassadors ranges from about $20,000 per year up to $58,000 a year and an average salary of $40,000-50,000 per year.

Hourly: If the brand ambassador is paid hourly, they earn an average of $16 per hour.

Commission: In some cases, companies will compensate ambassadors on commission rather than an hourly salary in order to promote the distribution of promotional materials and generate leads for their brand ambassadors. More leads an ambassador can bring into the company will increase his or her earning potential.

What educators need to know about becoming a brand ambassador?

Most brand ambassadors are required to have a high school diploma, but many jobs state a preference for applicants with an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. Brands often hire ambassadors who are currently pursuing a degree. College-age students are often a good fit for many brand ambassador programs. The position is perfect for students who want to make money and are willing to be a company’s figurehead on campus.

Becoming a brand ambassador isn’t an easy task. The successful applicant likely would need to have previous experience representing the company. There are many jobs out there which state that a candidate should have previous experience as a BRAND AMBASSADOR.

There are some general qualifications for these positions, including being friendly, having a good personality, and flexibility. Brand ambassadors are frequently called upon to produce content for the brand, to either review a product/service, or to write and publish testimonials about the company on your own blog.

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What is the Role of a Brand Ambassador?

Often, we take some suggestions more seriously than others, in some cases, depending on how credible we deem the source. 83% of survey respondents rely more on recommendations from people they know and trust than those who come from traditional advertising, the 2015 Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report (NGA) found. This is why companies, more and more, are using ambassadors to channel the potential of this marketing gold mine.

Trust and credibility are important when being a brand ambassador. It’s also important to demonstrate involvement with the company’s strong network of contacts and followers on social media.

Brand ambassadors should anticipate that their days will be full of face-to-face interactions. Whether formal or casual, there are many occasions where you can be a brand ambassador. A brand ambassador must constantly engage with his/her community in order to generate branding awareness. Therefore, it is crucial for a brand ambassador to be knowledgeable about her company in order to consistently promote the ethos of the brand.

Although a brand ambassador’s job includes in-person representation, it is also understood that he or she will help market the company through social media. Those with a large social media presence on top of work or educational background are more likely to get picked as brand ambassadors. In order to become a successful brand ambassador, it’s critical that you have a professional appearance online because personal social media is an all-important aspect of your position. Brands will look into your use in platforms.

Brand Ambassador Programs

Although the duties of a brand ambassador are consistent, campaigns may differ with how much emphasis is placed on different tasks. Below, we have listed two stand-out brand ambassador programs that differ slightly in their requirements.


If you lived in a populated area, the chances are that you’re at least familiar with services like Lyft. Lyft has a leading brand ambassador program, which is based on an individual’s skillsets. Lyft is great for those who want a commission-based system for their work. For each passenger referral, brand ambassadors will earn $10.

Lyft employs brand ambassadors to promote the company through social media campaigns, as well as meet and greet riders in person. Lyft jobs can range from responding to and following up with events to hourly duties such as driving for set missions. The program provides a set of tools, techniques, and tricks for those looking to set their own hours and make a difference in the lives of others.


It has been observed that traditional forms of marketing were no longer successful in this modern era., like television ads, were no longer connecting with modern consumers. The brand acknowledged the need for a shift towards more effective advertising and marketing techniques. In an attempt to ensure that employees were true representatives of the brand, it implemented a program entitled “Social Shift” while coaching them to become bonafide brand ambassadors. They also began a frequent blog that goes into detail on the latest updates for Adobe and what it does to help people engage with the brand.

Brand Ambassador Job Listings

Now that you are familiar with what a brand ambassador does, it’s time to go out and get the job. Job search sites are an excellent place to start looking for a new opportunity. Though many of these positions are highly competitive, one may find that it is helpful to reach out to marketing agencies. Professional about your interests should consider an event staffing firm or promotional modeling agency to get a foot in the door.

Becoming a brand ambassador is a fantastic way to learn business, and it may pave the way for your future career in marketing!

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