Outside Sales Representative: Roles and Responsibilities, Pay and more.


Outside Sales Representative is one of those jobs made for people who love something new at every bend and are social butterflies. But before you start jumping jobs, here's an all-you-need-to-know guide about outside sales

Work From Anywhere- Concept And Reality


If the workplace ramifications of COVID-19 are a time machine to the future, as Anne Maire Slaughter, CEO of New America, suggests, we could be in big trouble. Work-from-home policies implemented worldwide had resulted in

Why are Online Reviews So Important?

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More than 90% of consumers agree to the fact that online reviews affect their buying decision The above statistic shows that having a lot of positive online reviews is essential to build a strong reputation

How Many Types of CCTV Cameras are Available in the Market?

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Security is essential in all areas of life. With the advancement of technology, individuals and their property can now be fully protected. Commercial and residential, both areas are now adopting a standardized security protocol that

Why You Need a Shopify Expert Agency For Your Retail Store


The first question many ask before anything else is not whether they need a Shopify Expert Agency for their retail store, but why they need a Shopify store. Well, for those who don’t yet know,

iGaming News Media FORTUNEZ Launches “Buy Crypto” Function For Readers


One of the world’s leading global iGaming media publication FortuneZ has partnered with UK based cryptocurrency payment gateway Indacoin to launch a ‘buy crypto’ function for its readers. Through this partnership, readers of FortuneZ will