When it comes to types of coffee, there are many ways to make coffee all day long!

Regardless of the reason for drinking coffee, the most important thing is its taste, aroma, and whether it makes you feel cheerful and happy in the morning. That said everyone has their favorite order-perhaps a latte, piccolo, or perhaps a long black coffee.

When checked online to see how many types of coffee drinks there are; it turns out there are many. One website had more than thirty different styles, and the other website had more than forty categories. To save you some time, Debongo is limiting its list to the generally available coffees for every coffee lover:

  • Café Latte:

A fairly popular option for coffee lovers, a latte includes steamed milk and a shot of coffee. It is usually frothy, and sometimes you will come across cafes that do not understand the difference between that and a flat white coffee.

  • Cappuccino:

The most popular type of coffee globally, the cappuccino, has three layers. First, an espresso shot, then another shot of boiled milk, and finally, Barista will add a foamy and frothy milk layer. This last layer can also be sprinkled with chocolate shavings or powder. Traditionally, Italians used to consume this type of coffee for breakfast.

  • Flat White:

The two most Kiwi coffees are long black and flat white because both are native to New Zealand and Australia. To make flat white coffee, steamed milk from the bottom of a jug is poured into a shot of espresso. It is now quite popular with moms and dads who are desperate to stay awake during school holidays.

  • Caffè Americano:

You can make this kind of coffee by adding hot water to an espresso coffee shot. It is said that during WWII, American soldiers made this kind of coffee to make their drinks last longer. It was later adopted by the American Barista post-war.

  • Mochaccino:

“Mocha” is a latte with chocolate powder or syrup, sometimes covered with whipped cream. If anything, this is an excellent entry-level coffee-living in a world between hot chocolate and adult coffee latte.

  • Filter Coffee:

Once the coffee family’s long black sheep, filter coffee has recently rebounded and become a trendy preference, especially when brewed cold. Ground coffee beans are soaked in either hot or cold water, then filtered, leaving the coffee drink behind. The result is somewhat less harsh and bitter than an espresso but contains less water than an Americano and can be drunk either black or with milk.

  • Vienna:

The Vienna is made by mixing two strong espresso shots and then whipped cream to replace the milk and sugar. Vienna blends the intense aromas of straight espresso with the sugary smooth cream.

  • Dalgona:

This new rockstar of the coffee world became an internet sensation during the COVID-19 lockdown when people got hooked on caffeine fixes and started playing with various coffee dishes at home. It is made by mixing instant coffee, warm water, and sugar into a creamy foam with warm or cold milk. It derives its name from the Korean word for honeycomb candy, which it also resembles.

  • Instant:

Granted, some caffeine snobs are going to turn their noses up on this one, but if you’re hiking or camping, or for emergencies around the house, instant coffee is always better than nothing! Instant coffee has had all the water removed, leaving only the soluble coffee flavor. Add the water and, hey, something that tastes a little like coffee!

Who does not love coffee? And with this list of different types of coffee above, now there are more options to fall in love with.

As you go around the world, you’ll see a vast range of coffee, and Debongo is here to help you discover some new varieties of your favorite hot beverage.

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