Accidents happen every now and then and that is very common in a world full of DIY projects. Sometimes something good happens accidentally and we are very thankful for that .

One Reddit user Liddlenomnom accidentally spilled acetone on a table that he purchased for $10. Liddlenomnom thought of refurnishing the table. Though he may be an accident prone artist but by seeing his work you will be speechless and admire his creativity.

Seeing this flower Liddlenomnom was inspired and thought to redesign the table keeping that flower in mind.

flower that inspired him to make this DIY Flower table

He started sanding the table

striping and sanding the table  | DIY flower table project

He painted the legs of the table

striping and sanding the table  | DIY flower table project

After reassembling the table, it was time to begin the staining process.

reassembling and staining the table  | DIY flower table project

With a mechanical pencil he started sketching the flower on the table.

making the sketch on the table with mechanical pencil  | DIY flower table project.png

He started from the middle of the table so it becomes essay for him to draw as he moves outward.

began from the center of the table | DIY flower table project

He used q-tips and rag to blend and achieve different shades.

used q-tips and rags to achieve desired hues | DIY flower table project

 It was quite clear from starting onwards that this project will take time to complete.

Taking londer than expected | DIY flower table project.png

Finally after nine months of labor you can see the beautiful result.

took 9 months to complete this cool DIY flower table project

All he had to do now was to add a protective layer on top! Doesn’t it looks amazing from the top.

addding protective layer on top | DIY flower table project

 Such an amazing table is not meant to keep it kitchen, it can brighten any place!

DIY Flower Table Ready to blossom After 9 Months

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