There are plenty of furniture at our home that is of no use, but have you ever thought you can use your unused furniture to make some totally different and new out of that. You get the modern day look and convenience with the olden day workmanship. It’s the perfect combination! Don’t you think so?

Here is a list of 47 of the greatest furniture hacks we’ve found!!

1. Repurposed Dresser Bench

Repurposed-Dresser-Bench | DIY Furniture Hacks

Source & Instructions myrepurposedlife


2. Old TV converter into a play kitchen

Old TV Turned Into A Play Kitchen

Source & Instruction giggleberrycreations


3. Foot Rest From Old Drawers

Foot Rest From Old Drawers

Source & Instructions beyondthepicketfence


4. Bed turned into bench


5. Ice chest makeover


6. Vintage bicycle sink design


7. Hanging chair closet organizer


8. Rustic cooler box from pallets


9. DIY ottoman From old tire


10. File cabinet into a garage storage favorite


11. Padded bench out of bookshelf


12. Door Headboard


13. Bi Fold Closet Door Bookshelf


14. An old door into a life story


15. Dresser flip

16. Made Storage Box (using the drawers from the above hack)


17. Locker made from bookshelf


18. Grand piano bookshelf


19. Night stands from a desk


20. Old Cabinet into Kitchen Island


21. Mini office chest (Either use as a bench or chest)

A Mini Office Chest Which Can Be used as a bench and a chest

Source/Instructions: Martha Stewart


22. Accent Tables Using Rough Cut Logs and Old Metal Chair Legs


23. Wall mounted magazine rack


24. Bookshelf command center


25. Entertainment center into a TV console table

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26. Curbside TV into Living Room Furniture

27. Ladder towel rack

28. Old unused vase into an adorable table lamp

29. Wooden stool into a tool & crafts organizer

30. DIY drawer Shelves

31. Old Dining Table Chairs Into A Bench

32. Unused old dresser turned bench

33. Potting bench turned outdoor bar

34. Up-cycled side table into planter

35. Old crib spring to wall memo board

36. Step ladder side table

37. Crib into toddler loft bed

38. Cot Into A Craft & Writing Desk

39. From coffee table to Ottoman

40. French style bench from old chairs

41. Dresser into a vanity

42. Bunk bed to coat rack awesome hack

43. Old crib to plate holder

44. An Old Table Into Kids Lego Table

45. Artwork display for children cabinet doors

46. A TV Console Into Pet Bed

47. Dresser Into A Pet Bed And Nightstand

48. A Drying Rack From AN Old Crib

49. Old Bed Into A Cool Bench

50. A Small Dresser Into A Kid’s Play Kitchen

Let me know in comments below, which one did you like the most? What DIY project will you be trying out first?


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