Dubai is all set to unveil the world’s tallest skyscraper. A monument of the world and an icon of the 21st century. The Dubai Creek is inspired by a lily flower and traditional minarets. The column is more towards modern architecture lines. The unique architecture of the Creek is something that has never been seen before by naked eyes. At the sunset, Dubai Creek Tower will emit “beacon of light” from its peak.

According to Emaar Properties, a joint venture with Dubai Holding have laid the gravity-defying structure that has already been completed.  The foundation was built with a 140 barrette pile. In the base weight test, 36,000 tonnes of maximum weight was carried on a single pile. This is just the beginning to the exceptional journey.

World's Tallest Tower

The mastermind behind this genius architecture is Santiago Calatrava. The Spanish-Swiss architect is a structural engineer, sculptor, and painter. His famous works include The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

It will go higher than Burj Khalifa. Sources have confirmed the height will be 928n metres-100 meters higher than Burj Khalifa. The view from Burj Khalifa is mesmerizing. Can you imagine what will be the  360-degree view from the tallest building on the planet?

The Creek is expected to be completed before Expo 2020 despite its tall structure. The estimated cost of the building is 1 billion USD.

The oval-shaped bud at the top will feature ten observation decks, including The Pinnacle Room. The pinnacle room offers a 360m degree view of the city. Considering the spectacular view from Burj Khalifa, The view from the top of Dubai Creek will be an over the top experience. The top will also feature a VIP Observation Garden Decks available for certain visitors only. They will recreate the ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’  which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Dubai Creek is just 10 minutes away from Dubai International Airport.   The tower will feature dynamic illumination and light. The idea is to evoke the features of flower and bud that appears to hover at the top of the structure. The next generation smart hub will be incorporated with advanced lifestyle defined by the latest artificial intelligence.


If you haven’t planned your Dubai tour yet, wait for 2020 to unveil a new innovative and futuristic smart city to you.

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