What it is

When you are using your Android device or Apple iPhone, expressing your emotions can be a bit difficult. Apart from the standard smiley icons, there aren’t many more customizable features that can be used to depict your emotions. If you want to make conversation much better on your phone, how do you do it? The answer is to make use of third party apps, of course. One of the apps that you can use in order to enhance your conversation and add a range of different smiley icons into your messaging interface is Emoji. By installing Emoji, you get access to the Emoji keyboard, which includes over a hundred different kinds of smiley icons that you can use in order to make your conversation much more interactive.

Emoji iPhone and Android App

Emoji iPhone and Android App

How does Emoji work?

The app can be purchased for a price of $1, and after you have installed the application, you will begin to see a small icon on your messaging keyboard. Clicking that icon will expand your keyboard, giving you access to hundreds of different emoticons and smiley faces that you can add into your text conversations. These are not GIF images, so they can easily be shown on to the other person’s phone. However, these emoticons will only be shown to those who own a compatible device, such as an iPhone or an Android device. Phones that do not support Emoji will not be able to see these emoticons.

The Good

With the help of Emoji, you can easily expand your keyboard by adding a whole range of different emotions. There are a number of different emotions as well as icons that can be used to make your conversation much more interactive and unique. It opens up a vast range of possibilities while messaging, making it much more of an interesting affair and giving a break from the standard typing.

The Bad

The only downside to using this application is that the icons cannot be shown on all the recipient’s phone, so if you are talking to someone who does not have a compatible phone, Emoji is useless.


Additionally, when you click on the Emoji icon in your phone screen, you will be able to see all of the icons that can be used, encased in a box. By rotating your phone, you can easily move the icons about, providing a fun experience for kids and young ones.

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