Have you ever wondered about the ultimate Australian experience that you can find? One of the most popular places for your venture into the true outback is to visit Ayer’s Rock. Uluru is one of the primary tourist attractions, and it’s even more than that – it’s the best landmark in the entire continent.

Do Not Fly

Many people only want to spend one day at Ayer’s Rock in order to get the most out of their outback oasis experience. This is not a viable option though, because the prices alone are unbelievable, not to mention, you’re going to want to spend more time than one day. You will miss out on the numerous things that you can find just by being there for more than one day. If you can’t see the Australian sunrise or even a beautiful sunset, then you aren’t needing to go there for a real experience. This isn’t worth the thousands of dollars that you would spend just trying to get there.

For Those Who Wish to Drive

Some people decide that they will drive there themselves, but once you get to Uluru, you’re going to have to end up dealing with all of the traffic, the constant tour buses, and not to mention, it is an extremely long drive, so let’s hope that you’re ready to have a full tank of gas, and expect to spend a lot more in fuel. That’s why taking a tour is the best option.

Benefits Finding a Tour

There are numerous things to note about taking tour buses. You can actually save a lot of money and time, fuel costs, and much more if you take the option to use a good tour service. We’ll tell you the best tour service that we’ve found later on. Not only that, but with tour services, you have numerous package options ranging from one day stays (for a fraction of the cost of flying or driving), all the way up to a week.

What to Look for In A Good Tour Service

Well, first of all, the primary mode of transportation is extremely important. The best tour services utilize the Greyhound bus line, and they can give you 5-star tours of the area. This also allows you to see all of the scenery along the way, and you can enjoy having good guides along the way.


If you’re looking for that best tour guide in all of the Australian NT (Northern Territory), you’ll want to look into The Rock Tour at therocktour.com.au. They’ve been in business for decades, and have had the pleasure of taking thousands of people to Uluru for a great price that allows you to literally see everything possible and not miss a beat. You can stay for 3 days up to a week, and they have numerous amazing features like having pit stops along the way to visit the Mala Walk, the aboriginal cave paintings, and even spend the night at Ayer’s Rock Campground, let alone being able to walk throughout the Valley of the Winds, one of Kata Tjuta’s most famous places. You also get some good storytime in as you learn about Uluru’s history!

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