What it is?

Flow Free is an ingenious little game in which the primary purpose is to connect dots. However, connecting dots could never have been as much fun as it is in Flow Free. The game is designed by Big Duck Games LLC, and was only released this month. Flow Free has been met with positive reviews, as it tests the mind of the person and provides them with hours of fun, considering there are hundreds of different levels, with varying difficulties. Considering this is a free app, you can get more levels for your app by paying $1, which unlocks everything. However, how does the app function? What are the main aims? Let’s find out.

Flow Free App

Flow Free App

How does it work?

The main purpose of Flow Free is to connect the same colored dots on your screen, without overlapping any line. The purpose is to create ‘pipes’, by using space that does not overlap with other pipes. Now, at the end of each level, all of the grid boxes in the app will be used up, and if you have connected it properly, the level will be completed. There are various game packs that you can get too, starting from the Free, Medium and Jumbo Game Packs. These include levels of varying difficulties, making the game an increasing challenge for people as they progress through the levels.

What it provides

If you purchase Flow Free, you will be getting endless hours of fun if you really want to start racking your brains. You must use your mind in order to connect all the dots in the best possible manner, because otherwise, you will be starting all over again. There is an objective with each of the two different types of levels. You can either choose ‘free play’ or ‘time trial’. In time trial, you must accomplish the level in a certain period of time, while in Free Play, your main objective is to finish the level in as little moves as possible.

The Good

The game is extremely engaging and requires complete attention and focus if you wish to complete it. It really provides lot of fun and challenges, making it a great investment for people who are interested in engaging games.

The Bad

For many people, the similarity between the levels might become quite boring over time, especially if you have to do the same thing in over 300 levels, with varying difficulties.

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