2012, London Olympics have started with full bloom, and various events are going on. Without iPad or iPhone, you can’t keep track of the fastest going results. Apple has made it possible for you, not only to keep the track of all games’ results but also enjoy beautiful photography, see live events and even game which allows you to practice being an Olympian.

2012 London Olympics: Official Results Application for the Paralympics and Olympic Games

With this official results application, you can see athletes profiles, medal tables, details of sports, calendar schedule and live updates. It also provides you the latest list of athletes, who are taking part in the event, and tells you about their biographies and performance related stories at the event of the 2012 London Olympics.

2012 London Olympics: Officially Join  Application for the Paralympics and Olympic Games

If you can attend the Olympics physically, this ‘Official Join in Application” is a necessary for planning. You can plan everything with it, such as, opening ceremony, closing ceremony, culture, community and city celebrations, live commentary, photos, news, detailed maps, routes to get the event’ place and many more.

2012 London Olympics: NBC Olympics

In the United State of America, NBC has had the rights of broadcasting Olympics. You can enjoy every event, live schedules and results, Online and TV listings and medal counts, from London. Although it is not well-designed application but it is something.

2012 London Olympics: Olympics Live Extra with NBC

With this application, you may see all Olympics games live. It presents full replays, alternate camera views; receive push notifications and your favorite events as well. You need a satellite subscription or cable for logging in, into this application.

2012 London Olympics: Reuters Olympics 

If you want to watch the amazing Olympic photography, you must be happy to know that, Reuters Olympics iPad and iPhone application makes it possible for you. You can search all the award-winning photographs that were taken by Reuters.

2012 London Olympics: Official Mobile Game

It is an official Mobile Game, that makes your dream fulfill, being an Olympian, with the 2012 London Olympics games. It includes the features of medals, smooth gameplay, and good graphics. You can have nine Olympics events in this game, such as Archery, Kayak, 100m Butterfly, Pole Vault, Triple Hump, Double Trap, 100m Freestyle, 110M Hurdles, 100M. It is very easy to play, really fun for the whole family with great challenges. Enjoy it with your iPad or iPhone!

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