With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung has really tightened its hold on the smart phone market, making sure that it consolidates the much coveted position that was won by the Samsung Galaxy S3, one of the most popular models of its time. However, the S4 is designed to improve upon virtually everything that the S3 had to offer, and Samsung has introduced a number of unique technologies in the phone, which results in one of the most technologically advanced handsets at the moment.

However, the real reason behind the success isn’t necessarily the amount of features that the mobile phone has to offer. Instead, it is basically reliant upon the fact that the marketing campaigns that were undertaken by Samsung were some of the most amazing, with uniquely designed ads as well as a number of promotional offers.

One of the offers that the company is offering is a 50% discount on a number of different accessories that you can purchase in order to complement your smart phone experience. How can you get these discounts? Well, all you have to do is to register your new Samsung S4 device with a My Samsung Account. When you first open your new Samsung S 4, you will be prompted to create a My Samsung Account. Once your account has been created, it will automatically detect the phone that you are using.

Then, whenever you go online to buy accessories on the internet, all you have to do is to check out the Samsung retail options that are available, all of which will provide you with up to fifty percent discounts on each of the items. Looking for a Bluetooth Headset? You can get it online for a significantly lower price. Cases and pouches are also provided by the company. There are a number of different other promotional offers that the company is providing with the purchase of the new Galaxy S4, so for people who are looking for any more incentives when it comes to purchasing the Galaxy S4, it would be a wise idea to check out your local retail outlets. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released only a couple of months back, and features a number of different features, such as a new high definition screen, Air View Technology, S Voice and a number of other features.

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