Why Get A Wireless Thermostat?

It didn’t take longer than a few months for me to fall in love with my wireless thermostat. However, if you’re anything like my friends then you’re wondering how it can be that great. It’s just a thermostat, so it can’t be that amazing. Right? I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I think it’s important that I tell you the benefits I’ve gotten since my purchase.

There is something to keep in mind, however. “Wireless” likely doesn’t mean what you think it means. There are wires, and the thermostat will be hooked into the HVAC system. However, they’re able to connect to the internet without the use of an Ethernet cable. I personally refer to it as a “wifi thermostat”. I think it’s a more accurate term.

 Here are some of the benefits I’ve seen:

1. Greater Control Saves Energy

Everyone knows that reducing energy usage saves money. Less waste means less money being tossed down the hole. Wireless thermostats can help above and beyond by giving you even greater control. How does it do this? It lets you remotely control the thermostat via your smartphone or another internet capable device.  

Imagine you’re out on a trip. You packed everything, you made it to the airport on time, but right before getting on the plane you realize you forgot to lower the thermostat. This isn’t a problem at all! Pull out your phone, log into the app, and you can change the thermostat then and there. Now you can relax and enjoy your vacation, confident that you won’t be wasting money. A programmable thermostat simply can’t offer this kind of control. If you do this and switch energy providers you can surely save.

 2. Set Alerts With Your Phone

Wi-Fi thermostats come with multiple applications that offer an ever-increasing amount of control. Perhaps the most useful one lets you set alerts. Set a maximum and minimum temperature for your home, and your thermostat will inform you if the temperature hits those levels.

So if you’re worried about your home getting too cold or too hot while you’re not around, you can be informed. This is useful if you have pets or children old enough to be left alone but not old enough to touch the fancy, high-dollar equipment.

Not only can this save you money and help you care for your loved ones, it can help maintain the health of your HVAC unit. It won’t be straining to maintain unnecessary temperature levels!

 3. Helpful Reports

Many wireless thermostats offer helpful reports. These reports give you information on the various statistics the thermostat measures.

For example, the system can inform you of the average temperature in your home, or how long a single temperature has been maintained.

This can give you the chance to spot potential problems before they occur. These reports can also help you maintain a greater amount of control over your annual energy bill. By keeping an eye on your average usage, you can gauge how much during any given month.

 4. Monitor Outdoor Conditions

Many wireless thermostats come with outside sensors. These sensors get readings on the weather conditions. The thermostat connects to the sensors, and can even add this information to the reports it sends you. This can help you gauge how efficient your home insulation is. You may be leaking heat and not know it.

Even if your insulation is great, outdoor conditions can change suddenly. Unexpected rain can occur, or there could be a sudden cold snap. When these things happen the temperature of the home is affected. This is another place those alerts become useful. The wireless thermostat can record the conditions, send you an alert, and you can tell it to change the temperature!

 5. Monitor The Indoor Environment

To further help you gauge your home’s energy efficiency, the thermostat keeps track of indoor temperatures. It also keeps track of things such as humidity. This can help you discern whether or not you should adjust the fan level. This can also be important if you want to keep your pets healthy. Many pets can’t handle high humidity, so knowing the levels is the responsible thing to do.

Ever since I had a wireless thermostat installed, I’ve seen a world of difference. My energy bill is lower, and I’ve never been more comfortable inside my own home. It’s amazing how much of a difference a single product can make!


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