Giving away the news of expecting a child should be memorable, just like this daughter surprised her parents with pregnancy announcement spoons. That is what Leann and her husband might have thought when they kept the news of expecting twins a secret from their beloved grandfather,Ried. They knew his reaction will be precious so they decided to twist it up a bit and tell the happy news in different way.

Instead of telling him directly, she enveloped ultrasound photos and gave them to him. He couldn’t even realize that there was not one baby, but two! When he realized it, he jumped out of happiness and started crying like a baby himself.

Watch the following video and see how adorably this tough man opens himself up on this happy news and burst out crying out loud. He is going to a great-grandfather and that reaction is worth it.

Leann delivered beautiful twin girls in February 2016, and I am pretty sure Ried is gonna make one awesome and a loving great-grandpa!

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