It feels really great to stumble upon something that make you feel warm amidst the entire negative reports one come across while scanning newspapers and flipping channels of television about humanity being destroyed. This video of a guy saving a dolphin washed ashore by ocean will keep you smiling the whole day.
Nuade Dreyer from Pelican Point Kayaking in Namibia is a tour guide, who did something beautiful and heart touching when he spotted a helpless dolphin. He helped him getting back to the ocean.

“On our way back from tour this morning, we came across the juvenile male Benguela Dolphin, still alive on the beach. It’s not clear how he ended up on there in the first place. After a quick assessment and measurement, I attempted to get him swimming again. I was not very hopeful, but soon as he got into water and realized where he was he took off like a bullet. Nice. I’ll do a drive past the same area again later just to make sure he hasn’t returned again” said Nuade.
As expected this video went on to be seen around 8 million times.
Coming across such events once in a while keep our hopes up for humanity. Wish we could learn something from this and help in making this world a better place.

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