“Bonsai” is a Japanese art of growing small miniature trees or shrubs in a pot mostly for ornamental purposes. Bonsai plants are uses mostly for interior decoration in homes or offices. They are artificially grown in a way that prevents it form reaching its real height. With all the look and feel of real tree or plant, they are just the small versions of that which look prettier and even more beautiful.

But have you ever seen a floating bonsai? Have a look at this new magical product know as “Air Bonsai” which is not only pretty but floats in the air few inches above its pot. Air Bonsai is a little star. Isn’t it cool!

This plant consists of two parts:

– Little star – the top half, where you can plant your favorite plant
– Energy base –  and bottom half , which is the magnetic energy conductor that makes the plant float.

The plants or shrubs that you can plant come in a variety of choices ranging from beautiful mosses, bold vines or delightful flowering plants. Choose whatever you like!  You will want to have this plant even if you aren’t into plants and gardening!

Kickstarter | Air Bonsai

There are a lot of pledges going on, on Kickstarter for this project which was launched on January 21, 2016. If you pledge $10,000 for this project you will be able to enjoy a Bonsai Garden Tour and Air Bonsai Workshop in Japan with all your travel expenses and accommodation covered! To get the basic Air Bonsai set you will need to pledge atleast $200.

Air Bonsai

Let me know what you think of these magnetic floating plants, “Air Bonsai”. Will you be buying them? Let me know in comments below.

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