With a fast life and more workload, humans have become a machine that follows the cycle of ‘Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat’. However, it is of utmost importance for people to maintain a healthy body to work through the cycle efficiently. The millennials don’t understand that there’s a straightforward formula: Eat bad foods less, Get good sleep and Do exercises.

The challenge comes in adjusting these three things in daily lifestyle. People don’t have time to cook healthy foods or do exercises. Work and other stress don’t allow them to have a good sleep. It is where these ‘hacks’ come handy. Hacks are some small, healthy changes you need to make in life to stay fit and enjoy your daily work routines.

Here are some of those things that will make a huge difference in the long run.

Adjust Your Sleep Cycle

Researches have shown that maintaining a regular sleep cycle can make a huge difference in daily life. Inner body clock is controlled by the brain, and it responds to light. That’s the reason why our body is more active during the daytime and demands rest at night, gets ready to sleep.

This clock is called technically called circadian rhythm. Everyone’s rhythm is different. People who work at night sleep have a different rhythm. That’s why it takes time in adjusting from day shift to night shift.

Irregular sleep schedule messes up with the circadian rhythm, ultimately reducing the quality of sleep. Health experts say that waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day helps the body to sync back with circadian rhythm.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast -one of the most important meals of the day. Taking lunch must not be avoided as it affects the activities of the day. Breakfast is quite literally the meal to “break the fast” from all the hours you spend sleeping. It can cause a slew of bad chain reactions throughout the body.

Skipping breakfast leads to lower blood sugar level and ultimately results in drowsiness and tired feeling throughout the day. Metabolism gets slowed down. Cortisol – the stress hormone is studied to increase in high numbers, which may lead to depression in youth.

Also, people who don’t take breakfast are more prone to weight gain and heart diseases and are on the risk of heart attack at a young age. A Harvard study showed that it was 27% more likely that people who skip breakfast may experience a heart attack or a coronary heart disease.

Have a Walk

Especially for people with white collar jobs, having a walk or jog daily can make them more active and focused on their careers.

People who have time in the morning can have a walk in the garden or can do jogging in a park. For those who have early jobs, can take a bus and get off a stop before and walk to the office. It is also healthy to take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator.

Making these small changes can make a big difference in the long run. One must always keep trying
to improvise and changing habits to stay fit and healthy.

Keep track of what you’re eating

Keeping note of what you eat and can help you lose weight. It will also help you keep track of how much calories you’re having per day. Noting it forces you to pay attention to what you’re eating and when to stop.

Keep the list pinned up on your refrigerator or bedroom wall to remind you of what you’re eating and track the permanent records. Also, mobile apps are available for noting down with the facility of notifications and alerts to keep you in shape.

Drink Ample of Water

Many sources recommend drinking eight glasses of water in a day with each glass containing at least 8-ounce or 240 ml of water. Staying hydrated during working hours is highly essential. If you’re not hydrated, you may lack in physical performance.

Dehydration can cause altered body temperature, reduced motivation, mental activeness, fatigue, and drowsiness. Drinking sufficient water can help treat headaches, relieve constipation, treat kidney stones and supports weight loss. Some experts also recommend drinking two liters of water every day.

Eat Slowly

Mostly unknowingly, people commit grave mistake of overeating. When we are hungry, we eat fast to soothe aching tummy. In this process of eating fast, most people eat way too much than required. Overeating may lead to constipation and other digestion problems. It is also one of the primary constituents of weight gain.

The best way to is to eat slowly. By eating slowly, stomach takes longer to respond to the brain that
you can stop eating.

Avoid bright display before bed

Body’s circadian rhythm is based on light sensitivity. That is why we wake up in the morning and feel fresh and active. Similarly, at night, our body gets sleepy. The bright lights from phones, television or laptop can confuse your rhythm. It leads to irregular rhythm and ends up feeling sluggish in the day.

Studies have shown that avoiding screen time before sleep can help you get good quality and quantity of sleep.


Above all, it is essential to continue research and bring those ideas into action that can be helpful in helping you lead quality and healthy life. With modern advancements, human life has more inclined towards work and not body health. Bringing the tips as mentioned above and tricks into action can show you results in less than a week or even a month. Don’t get demotivated if any of these don’t work. Push yourself to bring up new ideas for a better life.

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