You love your life. Obviously yes, who doesn’t? As a human being, everyone (including you and me) always try to make their own life better and happier. But, when more human lives come together, it creates a society. We are all a part of it. So, how a community can or should play a role in adding value to human life?

Let’s find it out.

How is life valued?

Most of the people judge someone’s life’s happiness based on the past, current salary, living habits, notable achievements, and the reputation she/he has in society. That is enough, right? Not, because today, most of us base life and happiness on the money. The more assets people have, the more value their lives can be assigned. I am afraid I have to disagree with it. The wealthiest person in the city is as valuable as a homeless person. I don’t think there should be a status or even terms like rich or poor. Everyone has one life, and that should be treated equally. The society plays a vital role in assigning a value to a human being.

What figures say?

As per the TIME Magazine the value of human life is $129,000. I believe that life is priceless, don’t you agree? We see that the government pays a particular amount to the family after a person’s death in some situations like riots, accidents, attacks, earthquakes, etc. Though such money can help in some future plans and other financial contributions to the family after the sudden death of the member, I don’t understand exactly which basis society can decide the amount?

There are a few websites which help you to calculate an amount your family can get after your death! It makes the basis upon your age, income, past investments, etc. I don’t agree with such websites because a person’s life can’t be measured on such things and the basis that he has a family. What about the person who has much money but doesn’t have a family? Are such people unimportant? Not at all.

What should society do to add value to life, then?

I think any amount of money can’t be enough to overcome the pain and suffering that have to face after the loss of our beloved one. The money can only help to clear some debts if any and to aid a few financial supports. So, what is life’s real value?

Many people sue the authorities soon after the death of their relatives in particular situations, for example, after 9/11 attacks. But, they don’t understand that at that period, the government authorities also don’t know much about the circumstances, causalities, and other damages that have been done. They should realize that the authorities can’t be blamed for unexpected situations which are not under the control of the government.

Concluding the things, I will say that life is not about the money that we get during life or after it. It is rather about making memories of you in the people around you and your society. It is about the struggles you face and the inspirational ways that you take to overcome them.

If something is happening which is not suitable for you, then it doesn’t mean that your life is worthless. Also, society can play a more prominent role in letting you understand this by supporting the situation. So, the community should not assign a value (cost) to human life but should help in making the life livable.

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