We are living in an age where managing work-life balance is getting difficult. As humans, we are attached to the material world and this affects our mental and emotional balance. Practicing a simple living will help you attain a  the discovery of self.  With all the responsibilities around us, life gets complicated and we are not able to attain a simple living in all the complexities.

Apart from hectic lifestyles, social media has played a vital role in leading us to live a fake life. Millennials are so obsessed with social media that they end up doing fake check-ins just to be in the rat race. Many youths are going through depression due to social media obsession.

Let us see a few tips on leading a simple life. –

1. We create our own struggles-

We are responsible for creating our own struggles. All the stress, frustrations and disappointments come with attachment we have with the material things we do in our daily life. All the busyness and rush we create due to this attachment in our heads.

It is difficult to attain detachment, as that is basic human nature. But simple things like a daily workout or “me time “will help you stay detached. As humans, we surely need some purpose to live a happy life. But we need not get attached to the results attained for these purposes.

2. Distraction-

We are in constant need of something new. That continuous habit of switching from one activity to another. In today’s era, we are switching between Facebook and Instagram. Due to this urge of distraction, we overwork ourselves. We forget to live in the present. We don’t pay attention to people around us in the present situation. This busyness, chaos and constant switching create complexity in our lives.  Live in the present without that urge of busyness. Give personal time and attention to things and people around you.

3. Having a small start towards your passion is okay-

No one is a born artist. Every artist was an amateur once. We all have small beginnings before we have that huge break. Don’t run behind success, run behind your passion and success will eventually come to you.

As the famous quote from the Holy Hindu Text Gita says-

Quote from Bhagwat Gita Book

4. You become what you think-

Your thoughts prevail towards making you who you are. Having good and positive thoughts will change your life entirely. Your thoughts determine the actions you will be taking in future.


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Speak your mind and follow your heart. You will attain peace in a complete sense.

5. Simple things bring joy-

Simple Lifestyle

Find real activities that will help you achieve fulfillment and happiness. Like for me it is writing, reading a book of my choice from a bookstore rather than Amazon recommended, walking in the grass with my loved ones, meditating, eating right. These little things do not require any money. You can easily read a book in a library.

Hope you had some insight into simple living. Tell us your thoughts about living a simple life in the comment section below.

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