What is Actually Android4.1 Jelly Bean?

It is the smoothest and the fastest version of Android. It improves the beauty and simplicity of Android4.0 version and offers an advanced Google search experience onto Android.

Google has announced Android4.1, Jelly Bean on 27th June, 2012, at  I/O conference. They have promised to improve, voice & predictive search, camera application and keyboard with some improvement, office dictation, higher resolution contact photo, re-sizable widgets, expandable notification.

When and how can You Get Android4.1, Jelly Bean?

It is expected, that Jelly Bean would roll out the devices till mid July. The devices, such as Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Google Nexus will be upgraded first. The up gradation will be announced and would be informed when the software will be available. Android4.1 would also come pre-installed on Google ‘own-brand Nexus7 tablet’ that will be released next month.

If you are not using above mentioned tablets and smart phones, then chances are, you will give up waiting, and buy a new phone with preloaded software, because people are still waiting for updates to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, on Xperia Smartphone.

OS Upgrades a Big Difference Between Android Company and iOS

The Android always offers updates of its Operating System, this merit makes it different from its big competitor, Apple’ Mobile operating system. Whereas, App controls the whole iPhone package, along with the outstanding hardware and software, that are made by its own capable engineers, but Android doesn’t give any importance to this. Android devices are capturing the big market share very swiftly.

Finally, it is up to the manufacturers of Smartphone and tablet, when they copy Jelly Bean to existing product lines. It is reported, LG has announced an upgrade to Jelly Bean in 2012, on all its handsets.

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