There is no difficulty to play the Windows games onto Mac, because many good softwares are available to help you out, such as VMware, Parallels, Wine and Crossover. Some Virtualization methods also help you to play games on Mac, and they are also cheaper than other software. Let’s take a look, which one is most suitable for playing games.

Play Windows Games with Boot Camp on a Mac

Virtualization solution of Apple is very simple. You will have to install Windows and Boot Camp on your Mac. You could run startup by Windows and start playing game from there, but your system should have had the graphical power of keeping up. Apple declares Boot Camp a good choice, because you don’t have performance issues that you face with other software. Boot Camp of Apple gives full support for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Play Windows Games with Wine on a Mac

Wine saves your money, because it is open-source, free alternative to Crossover. This software is still in Beta phase, so occasional interruptions may be expected here and there. Its, every program doesn’t work flawlessly; despite of that this product is getting popular among the online users.

You can get access to Windows content with the help of Wine, on a Mac. Wine is a tool, that lets your computers run the programs that, they are not using before. You would not face much performance hitch either. Wine is able to struggle with new games and powers by older releases.

Online, Wine ‘Application Database is very useful, which provide 25 top games as well as tools that work perfectly under Virtualization, email support, app library and bug fixes. The big titles such as Bethesda’s Fallout3, World of Warcraft,  run very perfectly on Wine.

Play Windows Games with Crossover on a Mac

CodeWeaver has designed this application. It lets you install most popular PC games and Windows application on a Mac. It is a Wine’s paid version, and provides an alternative, which comes with a lot of product upgrades and support features.

You must be happy to know that, it is a very cheap product. You can have had its free trial for two weeks and then, you will pay only, 25 pounds for the basic package, that includes software and email support for one month. You do not need licenses Windows for running Crossover.

Play Windows Games with Parallels Desktop7

This is very expensive methods, it needs licensed Windows to function. This is smoothest software. You will have to pay 65 pounds in the beginning, but when you will upgrade it from the earlier version, and then you will pay only 35 pounds. Like Crossover, you can have free trial versions of Parallels Desktop7.

Play Window Games with VMware Function4

This application proffers you more customizable features. Its cost is 39.99 Pounds. You can enjoy many features as well as UI modes. VMware allows you, import your last virtual machines. You don’t have to reboot system, whenever, you will switch an operating system. Fusion is capable to handle applications, like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Project. It runs smoothly. Free trial is available for thirty days. It provides you free email support for 18 months.

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