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Then you come to the right place. This blog will help you step by step from registering your domain name to web hosting.

Something you should know first.

Domain Name:

IP address:  format

Step 1.

Decide Name on this blog i will use:

Check availibity for the domain name.

Go to


Click Go

Check to see if domain available. If you get this screen then your domain name is available


Click Add


Over here you have three option

Option1: Domain Only

This  option show your register information to everyone. Anyone can make query and find out who owns the domain name and where is hosted. If you have nothing to hide i whould go for this option.

Option2: Privacy Only

This option will not show your register information to anyone even someone does query. This will hide all your information

Option 3: Prvacy and Business Protection.

This is hide your personal information, Protect your domain name getting transfer to someon accidently. It provide seal to certified that you are the owner of the website. Also it will create online business card in whois directory.

Click on continue to checkout


You will see hosting screen.

Hosting is place where you will host website, place where all your file will be stored and served to your visitor.

If you are first timer and you don’t have any knowledge then use Website Builder + Hosting Plan otherwise chool Web Hosting and then click Add & Continue.

If you don’t want to host with godaddy click No Thanks.

Then you can finish the check out


Click Proceed to checkout.

From here follow the instruction. Pay using diffrent method

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