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Co-founder of LnkSocial and Gicree. Columnist at Itsguru, Debongo., and Techotics He also works as a Business Consulting helping business find easier solutions for thier everyday tasks and implementing them by providing customized solutions that improve productivity, increase efficiency and generate more ROI.

11 Most Colorful Cities Around The World


If you all remember the saying "Rome was not built in a day" which means its not easy to make the cities beautiful overnight. There is more to these cities than brick walls and streets. Its

How to setup and host website


Do you want www.yourname.com. Then you come to the right place. This blog will help you step by step from registering your domain name to web hosting. Something you should know first. Domain Name: www.yourname.com

Simple and Basic Arithmetic Formulas in Excel

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What is excel formula? Excel formula is program in excel that help you perform different type of calculation without using the calculator or math. This will make your life easier. You can pre write the

How to Install Windows on Mac – Step By Step Guideline for Installing Windows 8 on Mac

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The performance of Windows 8 has been the best on a Mac, around the globe. In this article I am going to tell you how you can install it on a Mac OS. Why You

Windows 7 disk Clean up, Junk file clean up, active x, game score clean up

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Do you want to clean your Junk file? Do you have active x error? Do you have Java Applets error? Do you like to clean up windows game score? Try this Benefit of cleaning junk

YouTube cannot play, No pictures or sound on YouTube

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Can not view Youtube.com video, dailymotion.com video? Can not view picture but can listen to audio? Do You have error message when you go to youtube.com or dailymotion.com? Here is the different solutions you can