Wake. Up! Wake. Up! Wake. Up! I chant enthusiastically. “Its. Time. To. Get. Up!” I say quickly. “Wake. Up! Wake. Up! I repeat loudly.

We might hate those words,, But this what the alarm clock tries to say us and we hit the stop button and go back to sleep!

We all know that alarm clocks are unavoidable evils. But there are few questions which still remains unanswered.

For example- If alarm clock does not do the trick, how would we  wake up on time, get dressed/ready and go to a job we love?

 And with our cell phones giving us the privilege of setting up as many as alarm clocks these days, we can’t even throw them in a fit of anger.

Alarm Clock Talk - Debongo

That sounds helpless, though!!

Hence, we were curious and wondered what alarm clocks would say if they could talk. And came up with these results. Check them out.

Time is 5:55 am. The next five minutes are the most appalling part of my day.  As the alarm is going to blast with a Morning chime alarm tone.

Five seconds to go.

The enthusiasm is almost intolerable. The “moment,” my minute my second, is almost here…

Five Four, Three…two…

One! It’s 6 am! And the morning chimes!!

I can barely contain my delight at having done such an excellent job.

 Indeed, today will be the day that you finally recognize all of my efforts?

“Its. Time. To. Get. Up!” I repeat.

Alarm Clock Talk-2 - Debongo

No no, please don’t reach out your hand to snooze/stop me. All of a sudden I am lifted up from my post. Displeased. I realize that despite my efforts, I have still not earned your affection.

And Crash!!

I have whacked the wall, and fall back down to the floor. Here I lie, face down. Defeated, yet again.

Alarm Clock Talk-3 - Debongo

My moment is over. It’s 6:02 am now. I have failed you. You won’t have Time to shower now as you had on your planning radar last night. As you have fallen back asleep.

Alarm Clock Talk-4 - Debongo

This will, of course, annoy you even more. I am sure that you will, of course, blame me.

You ask me to do one thing, then rebuke me for doing it! You have made me regret ever having been elected by you, that day so long ago.

I have a thankless job. I wish I could have chosen differently. Wish was Trump’s alarm clock.

The defeated clock says- Go ahead, start using that overqualified silly of a smartphone as your alarm from now on! See if I care!

You never considered my worth-When I helped to reach out on Time, when I never let you miss your gym sessions. When I never made you miss on your proposal dates.

But with a disappointed heart, I hope One day. One day you will come to feel what it is like to be the little guy! when that assembly of overpriced plastic cannot execute to my standards

Alarm Clock Talk-5 - Debongo

Maybe tomorrow……

As the adage goes, Time and tide wait for none. But this pitiful little machine does wait for you… So reduce the striking of the stop button and slide the snooze function less.

Moral- Consider every little things a worth one

Well, folks this piece of write up was just an entertaining content for all you humorous souls out there. As we have intended this time to make our readers smile. Hopefully, it has made you do so after having a hectic schedule at work.

Alarm Clock Talk-6 - Debongo

Keep Smiling and make others smile too. It’s a healthy sign!!

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