Android users usually seem to be complaining about the efficiency of the batteries, they think, these batteries do not let them enjoy all the features of this mobile platform. In this connection, they try to install and download the applications that can improve the efficiency of their mobile batteries. However, these app developers do nothing at all.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the trouble-free practices that can be helpful for improving the life of your mobile battery.

Stay Close in Network Bars

Stay close to the network bars, because your mobile phone maintains and establishes a nonstop communication line along with the nearby telecommunication mast. In this way, your mobile uses less power for establishing this communication, as a result, the battery does not get strained.

Nonetheless, when you go far from the mast, your phone struggles to establish communication along with the tower, hence the battery gets strained, and if you keep mobile in your trouser pocket, then heating chances get increased.

It is recommended you when you go far from telecommunication mast, then, you should turn off the mobile to preserve power.

Set Screen Brightness of Your Mobile to a Minimum Level

Screen of your Smartphone uses more power than other departments in the phone. For, Apple has provided fascinating applications, so you glue with it screen most of the time and torture your mobile battery without knowing. However, your battery can last more, if you set the brightness of your cell phone to minimum level.

Monitor Strict Charging Cycles

It happens usually that you forget to charge your mobile properly. It is wrong practice to tweet or What app’ continually with your mobile stick on the wall chargers and say you’re charging it.

You should never plug in the charger until the whole battery ends. Always keep your mobile off, during charging and charge it at full capacity. These practices will definitely increase the lifespan and efficiency of your device.

Always Keep Mobile in a Cool and Dry Place

You should not keep your Smartphone in sweaty palms, jam-packed handbag, and trouser pocket. Heat and pressure of your body cause the battery of your device to warm up and lowers its efficiency. Sometime when, the sweat gets entered the motherboard of the phone, and to battery pins, it causes swift discharging, rusting and short circuiting.

It is recommended for the gents, that always keep your mobile in a shirt or coat pocket, and ladies must avoid keeping mobiles in palms or handbags.


If you follow these instructions your mobile battery will last more and you will remain safe from potential accidents like, explosions caused by strained batteries.

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