Are you fond of cooking? Just capture your plain kitchen moments, attract clicks and make money. As easy as it sounds! Online boom is an income-provider and even a life-saver for numerous netizens of the world. Housewives, freelancers and the eager many are all making money for their simple cooking videos, posted on YouTube. Upload your passion and earn for it too – the ultimate confidence as well as income booster. You are no more just a humble homemaker. Create a storm with simple cooking techniques, video the outcome and let millions see your cooking skills. Interesting, isn’t it.

There are many who have proved that they can make it in the world. Small town individuals are making money out of their online past time. With many migrating to foreign lands and nuclear families becoming the norm of the day, where are the age old recipes? How can it be passed on from one generation to another, from a distant land to another? The YouTube phenomenon has converted all such musings into reality. Now with a click, a mom-in-law can pass on her recipe to her far-placed son, a grandmother can tell her stories to her grandchildren abroad and best of all the family cooking tradition is kept alive. The plus-points of technology!

There are a number of household names that have created a stir among the netizens. From grandmothers, stay-at-home-moms, retired individuals to the professional many, the online revolution have reformed lives. Madhulika’s Kitchen, Srirangam Radhu, Manjula’s Kitchen and many more names have carved a niche among the popular Indian cooking names on the net. They cook from home and sell their expertise. From simple roti making skills to complex south-Indian delicacies, you just search for the recipe and it is there in front of you. The best online cooking class! Watch it in the comfort of your home and prepare authentic food for your dear and near ones, anywhere in the world.

The YouTube wonders are loyally uploading their knowledge and skill for the information of people placed the globe over. The continuity in maintaining the right thread of cooking instructions is helping the migrated millions. Even for the locally displaced citizens, the revelations are just the right tadka for their culinary journey. Keep track of your roots and pass it on for generations to come – made possible by the YouTube phenomenon. Stay connected, gain priceless know-how and earn too!

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