There are multiple reasons why you might find yourself in a house. A few causes why you might have adhered at home include:

  • You’re recovering from an illness or surgery
  • You’re recovering after a construction injury
  • You are caring for someone else who is recovering
  • It’s rainy or snowy outside

But now as we know about the current situation the whole world is going through i.e. the jet speed spread of COVID-19 in which we are instructed to sit at home and practice social distancing and stop the spread of this virus.

Among all of this what would be the best blog to read rather than the renovation ideas?

Here are some interesting ideas for you to put your hands upon as you are staying at home.

1. Paint/Paintings

No other home renovation task is easier than painting ever! The easiest way to refresh any room in your home is to paint the walls, but don’t think it all ends here!

If you want to repaint the walls, apply painting on an accent wall. Pick a bold color or learn a faux painting method. Wallpaper on one wall can look very interesting when you repaint the other walls in the rooms, especially in living and bedrooms.

The cabinets in the kitchen seem a little old fashioned? Remove them from their hooks and paint those! Even the floor can be depicted as long as a certain kind of paint is utilized.

2. Update Door Hardware and Cabinet

Not only is replacing cabinets pricey, but it also consumes a lot of time. Even painting them can take much time if you are looking for a quick refresh, grab your screwdriver, and change the fittings.

Bathroom and kitchen cabinets will appear modified with minimal efforts.

If you follow the directions, replacing outdoor hardware isn’t overly tricky as well. It’s the perfect fix for doorknobs, which are old and that are matched with paint – or if you just want a unique style, you can also select a smart doorknob if you’re going to enter into the 21st Century arena.

3. Crown Molding Installation

Is your room looking boring, even with an accent wall touch-up? It could be that it lacks some architectural elements.

New homes aren’t built like the houses of old villas. If you love the look of beautiful molding and trims, you will have to add it by your own efforts. Luckily, and it’s not as complicated as it is seen.

Crown molding is no longer made out of wood now.

Molding in modern days can be made out of foam that is coated in plaster, so it offers the same appeal of molding without all the bulk and heft. It also makes it much simple to cut the perfect edges, because a coping saw isn’t required.

4. Mirror Experiments

Hanging wall art is a brilliant way to add up an appeal to your home! If you don’t want to buy something new, you can upgrade the mirrors in your house alternatively.

For instance, a simple bathroom mirror can be updated in quite a few different methods. Add trim around a mirror that is placed on the wall for a more polished appearance. If you want your bathroom mirror to appeal a little more affluent, learn how to etch a pattern around the lengths.

If you’re stuck at home, stop dreaming/thinking about when you will be able to pop out again and focus your energy on restoring your living space! Skip the costly, time-consuming home renovation projects and instead try the ideas on this list. With just a few minutes you can make a significant impact in your home quickly and easily.

Stay Home, Stay Safe. Until then, keep sharing and reading Debongo!

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