The Battle

Apple and Samsung have long been at the helm of the technological market, and even though Apple is leading in terms of sales, Samsung is not far behind. The Galaxy Tab shares an arduous history with its competitor, because in various different countries, this tablet was banned and removed from the market because it was accused of infringing on patents held by Apple. However, with the release of the latest Galaxy Tab 7, Samsung have managed to stabilize their performance and prevented Apple’s wrath in courts. However, the problem is, Apple also came out with their iPad 3, which seriously enhances features and provides much more powerful performance. However, does the Galaxy Tab 7 stand a chance against one of the leading tablets in the market? Let’s find out:

The Galaxy Tab 7

The Galaxy Tab 7 can be used with a Sim card as a phone, and it has a nice PLS IPS display screen. The screen might not be the best in the world, but you will find that it does handle colors and contrasts really well. The device runs on an Exynos Dual Core CPU clocked in at 1.2 GHz, while there is also a 3.2 MP camera at the top. The camera has to be one of the leading drawbacks of this device, because 3.2 MP has completely gone out of fashion nowadays. Most people prefer a minimum of 5 to 8 MP in their camera for good performance. That is also the reason why the Galaxy Tab 7 has suffered major sales drops over the past couple of months. It runs its own customized version of Android, known as TouchWiz UI.

The iPad 3

The iPad 3 is a very popular device that literally blows the Galaxy Tab 7 out of the water in almost every aspect of the situation. The Retina Display screen is probably the best screen that you will ever lay your eyes on a tablet, and the powerful performance of the A5X chip is something that truly creates a formidable device. The camera is 5 MP, but still shoots very beautiful pictures with stunning quality. There are lots of other features as well, such as the presence of the Face Time camera in the front. On the whole, the design hasn’t been altered much, but the device really performs much faster and much better now. Given its success, there is no competition for the iPad these days.

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