People no longer have to worry about noisily dragging a large, clunky trailer home from the rental lot. Now they can buy a trailer that meets their needs.

Lightweight travel trailers are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and affordability. If you are considering buying or renting a lightweight travel unit, read on for some reasons why so many people are choosing this type of camping accommodation.

Save Money with a Lightweight Travel Trailer

One of the most significant reasons for buying lightweight travel trailers is their affordability. These types of camping accommodations are much more affordable than regular-sized or even large camping trailers.

If you plan to take your trailer out for three months each year, not only will you spend less money on gas because it is smaller and lighter in weight, but you will save a considerable amount on storage costs.

A lightweight camping trailer is also more affordable than the cost of taking a traditional camping trailer out for a weekend.

Lightweight Travel Trailers are Convenient

According to reports, the North American recreational vehicle (RV) market will reach $35.7 billion by 2026.

Lightweight travel trailers have been designed to be convenient, from the lightweight models that most SUVs can tow to the more traditional class A and C motorhomes with complete kitchens and bathrooms.

Of course, no matter which type of camper you choose, your accommodations will be much more convenient than if you were to rough it and sleep in a tent.

Lightweight Trailers Can be Towed by Most Vehicles

Not everyone has a large pickup truck or SUV, so those who want to travel the country may find themselves renting larger motorhomes that they can tow with their car or truck.

With lightweight camping trailers, you no longer have to worry about having a large, heavy-duty truck or SUV to tow your home on wheels.

These types of camping accommodations can be towed by most vehicles, and they are effortless to tow for those having small cars or smaller trucks that may not handle larger units easily.

They Have Less Gas Consumption

Most lightweight travel trailers are much lighter in weight when compared to traditional camping units. It not only makes them much easier to tow from place to place, but it saves a great deal on your gas consumption.

The best part is that this type of camper requires no special licensing or registration, so you never have to take it off the road after travelling a certain number of miles.

Durable and Mobile for Off-Road Adventures

Not only do lightweight camping trailers come in different sizes depending on your needs, but they can also be towed into secluded campsites that may not have been previously accessible to larger units.

If you plan to take off-road adventures, you can tow a lightweight camping trailer behind your SUV or Jeep and enjoy the scenery that may have been off-limits to those with larger units.


Lightweight trailers are quickly becoming more popular among campers because they offer the best of both worlds.

You get to enjoy the comfort, convenience and amenities of a full-sized camper without having to sacrifice affordability or manoeuvrability.

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