Very few have the passion of dance. Dance is an art which needs the passion for learning from inside. It is said that “Great dancers are not Great because of their techniques they are great because of their passion”.

Some dance really needs both passion and practice and Flamenco is one among them.

These two women prove that it requires more that just passion to perform this dance!

These ladies are pouring their heart into it, aren’t they!

Awww!!! Seeing this tiny little adorable girl dancing will make you fell love for dance.

Little Girl Heels Dancing – She dances in her mom’s high heels. Seeing her performance proves she can dance with the best of them.

Source: Adorable toddler dances flamenco by DanielValenti on Rumble

The video description reads:

Gigi, the amazing flamenco dancer, debuts in front of the mirror and falls no short of perfection. Well done!

I wish I could also dance like this cutie.

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