This is a quiz game or app in which you have to guess the names of logos of various brands or companies. Each logo you answer correctly will fetch you points and some will unlock hints you can use to complete the game. More you answer more levels you advance. It’s a challenging and a fun quiz; try to solve it by yourself or challenging friends. It’s fun when you try to do it yourself, but if you need help doing that we would be more than happy to help you with these logos quiz answers for level 1

Check out the Logos Quiz Answers Level 1 for iPad and iPhone.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 1

Logos Quiz Answers Level 1


Burger king – a blue crescent with two yellow semi circles ( here slices of burgers) in coordination with the outer blue circle.

MTV – alphabet M written in thick black font

Pizza hut – a red hat with a yellow angled streak

Loreal – alphabet L with an ‘ and then the letter O

Quiksilver –  a large wave with a mountain on a red background

Barbie – alphabet B written in uppercase

Twitter – a blue flying bird

Blockbuster – a movie ticket torn at one end

Amazon – alphabet a written in white in a black background with a yellow curved arrow underneath

Microsoft – alphabets os written together in black

Pringles – a face with big fluffy brown mustache and a red bow

Kelloggs – alphabet K in red in uppercase

Nike – a black arrow

Samsung – a slanted blue oval with alphabet a written in it

Skype – blue colored cloud

Nissan – a silver metallic rim with a thick horizontal line on top

HP – a blue rectangle shape cut into two exact halves vertically forming a circle inside

Canon – alphabets c and o in black color

Flickr – alphabets K and R in blue and hot pink colors respectively

Nescafe – uppercase alphabet N with a long horizontal line

Logos Quiz Answers Level 1

Logos Quiz Answers Level 1


IBM – alphabet M in blue and white strips

Michelin – a man standing with his right hand raised

Levis – a red geometrical shape with two crescents on the bottom part

Louis Vuitton – alphabets V and L overlapping each other

Volkswagen – alphabet V and W interlocked in silver metallic color over a blue circle

Ebay – alphabets e and y in red and green respectively

Red bull – two red bulls

Calvin Klein – alphabets C and K side by side with K double the size of letter C

Mcdonalds – alphabet M in yellow with a red background

Intel – two blue curves pointing towards each other with alphabet l written towards the right.

Bmw – two white and two black quarter circles forming a circle with a black surrounding circle

Reebok – dual blue streaks merging into single with a streak running across

Citroen – two metallic angled chevrons

Starbucks – a lady with long hair and a crown in black and white with a green circle surrounding it.

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