Marvel Heroes: Avengers Alliance has now launched on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, and within a very short while, it is also going to be released on all Android based devices as well. In the wake of commercial success that the Avengers movie experienced, it was only likely that there was going to be a mobile game based upon the famous group of heroes known as the Avengers. Instead, Marvel has decided to take the action up a notch and has released the Marvel Heroes: Avengers Alliance, which allows you to choose from up to 40 different super heroes as well as 180 super villains.

Marvel Heroes: Avengers Alliance is a role playing game that is based on turns. Players choose one of the numerous different characters that are available, and join the battle. The game takes place in the wake of a galactic event that poses a direct threat to Manhattan, known as The Pulse. Players must choose from a number of different crime fighting missions as well as a whole host of challenges in order to start ranking up and earn new abilities and powers. All super heroes and super villains are available for choice. Moreover, the game provides a number of unique abilities and options to players, and the vastly expansive universe provides a host of different opportunities.

If you are a Marvel fan, Avengers Alliance is one of the must have games that you need to try. Not only does the turn by turn combat provide a great initiative to gamers to level up their players and indulge deeper within the game, but the Avengers Alliance system game play also provides you with a whole host of unique opportunities such as engaging in different storylines, taking up various crime fighting missions, etc.

All in all, the game is very well designed and thought out. As is obvious, a host of different downloadable content is also available to people who are looking for additional purchases. Special skins and costumes are available for purchase, while you can also opt to purchase a range of different weapons, etc. Marvel has already stated that they are going to enhance the overall experience of the game by updating their missions and storylines and providing new incentives for players to keep on playing, so it is very likely that Avengers Alliance is going to keep you hooked.

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