Microsoft has just released its world famous productivity suite for business professionals, the Microsoft Office, for the iPhone. Previously, the Office Suite was only available to Windows Phone users, and Microsoft used its popular productivity suite in order to lure more customers to join the Windows ecosystem. However, with the introduction of Microsoft Office for the iPhone, the company changes everything. The effect can be seen from the fact that only 1.2% of the smart phone market is owned by Windows Phone users, while the iPhone dominates the market by around 60%.

The Office Suite is free for use to all subscribers of Office 365, while a monthly price is fixed for people who wish to use it without subscription. Most importantly, by introducing Office for the iPhone, the company has made a winning stroke. Office 365 subscriptions hit the one million mark faster than some of the biggest companies at present, such as DropBox and Facebook, which indicates a clear win for Microsoft.

Now, with the introduction of Office for the iPhone, the company puts the ball back in Apple’s court. Office is the premium suite at present, and it is used in order to measure all other productivity apps. As you can expect from a tech giant as big as Microsoft, the Office for iPhone is streamlined to provide maximum functionality with minimum hitches. Thanks to the Office 365 cloud capabilities, you can easily save your files on your computer, and then access them via your iPhone, edit and save them on the go. The Office app has a much redesigned surface as compared to its Windows counterpart, but the main essence of the program is still very much in place.

In the absence of Office, many people had to settle for other word processing apps, such as Documents to Go, Evernote, etc. Now, with the introduction of Office into the fray, the company has introduced the very best of word processing on one of the largest word mobile platforms in the world. Since the Office 365 had been introduced, many reviewers had been calling out to Microsoft to release a version of their Office App on the iPhone, and now that their pleas have been heard, it is highly likely that Office will prove to be a very strong competitor for Google Docs, which is what most people use on their phones.

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