Vary of eating out and putting on the flab? Do not worry. You can eat out and still keep a check on your calorie count. There is no need to sit in a wonderful dining ambience and wonder on the ill effects of gastronomic splurging. Worst mood spoiler, ever! Put your anxieties at rest as we offer top pointers on how to indulge in the restaurant experience without giving a thought to the so-called ill effects of eating out. Be guilt-free!


1. Plan for the Day

If your are dining out for dinner then follow a strict diet for the rest of the day, starting from the time the sun rises. Do not skip any meal, as this will only enlarge your urge to eat more at the end of the day. Stay fresh and alert with fruits and green leafy vegetables. A salad in the afternoon (without any cream dressing!) is the best food option. Have less of caffeine as it dehydrates the body. Green tea is a healthier alternative. Avoid carbohydrates but instead begin your day with multi-grain bread substitute with egg whites. Skip the calorie-loaded yellows. Sunny up is a definite no, no.


2. Just Avoid Buffets

Found out the right buffet spread fitting your pocket? Please do not tilt towards the economic factor alone. Pay right and also, eat right. Do not load yourself with everything on offer at restaurants. For the same amount order Àla Carte and enjoy each and every morsel in your mouth. Many eat-outs are now highly conscious of customer eating habits. So, ask for the menu of your choice but with less cream, butter, or oil. You will be surprised with the service, as they will definitely dish up you what you ask for. Remember the adage…Customer is God! 


3. Handle Menus Diet-tactically

Do not be scared to order what you like. Just keep in mind the food balance. If you are ordering a rich meat main course then skip dessert. It will not kill you! Avoid fat filled huge portions but in its place have lean meat preparations, delicately prepared to tantalize the blandest of taste buds. Food is an experience. So, relish the entire affair from restaurant ambience to service. Make it a wholesome involvement. Fish is definitely a healthier choice when compared with red meat. If you are a vegetarian then avoid fried items. Go for baked, grilled or barbecued delicacies to kick-start the eating-out moment. Soups are the best – healthy, refreshing and filling too, even if clubbed as Soups and Appetizers. Menu strategy works wonders. Try it!


4. For the Fast Food Lovers

You are entering into the danger zone, now. Beware as fast foods are packaged as healthy alternatives! How can it be good for you? All schools, institutions and health groups are against it? There is always a way to turn the tide. Make this junk outing into a nourishing expedition…but do not make this into a habit! Most fast food outlets have a list of calorie content charts attached to the list of available items. Choose wisely and select the ones with the least calorific value. Wheat bread instead of white flour grub is a better substitute and tastes good too! Try out their leafy veggies accompanying chicken fries. Good with evil…goes hand in hand, sometimes.


5. Enjoy Your Food

Take pleasure in the food you eat. Let it add energy to your body and not bottle up as fat. Eat slowly and leisurely as the brain signals take some time to send the `Oh…I am full’ sign. Do not gulp down but chew and relish each bite you take. As per research, it is established that the slower you eat food the lesser the calories you put on. What best than to enjoy the cuisine. Avoid nibbling on table-treats placed as complimentary delights on your table. Just have fun!

Eat out but eat right and stay healthy. Bon Appétit!

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