Remember the time when we used to have racks filled with CDs of our favorite movies or songs. Well those days are gone with the advent of internet but racks of our store room are still stacked with old CDs in dust. We could obviously throw them away or sell them but wouldn’t it be a great idea if we could put them to good use.

This is what a Redditor Ezmul did. This idea is what inspired her to set off to work and wait till the result.

The end result is brilliant, and will make you do something similar too! Plus its a great DIY weekend activity that will give an upgrade to that old table without breaking the bank!

Ezmul had this junk table which she used for her other crafts projects.

CD Use Step 1

CD Use Step 2

Took tones of CDs and broke them into small pieces.

CD Use Step 3

CD Use Step 4

Working outwards she pastes the pieces to the center of the table top with quick dry adhesive.

CD Use Step 5

CD Use Step 6

CD Use Step 7

CD Use Step 8

Since the surface of table is more, you may need more so prepared just in the case you ran out of CDs.

CD Use Step 9

CD Use Step 10

Once the top was done, she used painter’s tape to do the borders of table.

CD Use Step 11

After masking the edges with the painter’s tape she used some grout for finishing.

CD Use Step 12

CD Use Step 13

Looking fantastic!!!

CD Use Step 14

CD Use Step 15


She said, it took her nearly 200 hours (woahh!!) and around 22 CDs, but it was worth it. Mean just look at it, it’s amazing.

She advised that instead of grout use resin as scratching the grout off at the end scratched some CDs as well.

There’s always a way to have best from the waste and this was a real marvelous DIY to do so.

[All Images & Story via Imgur]

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