Are you planning a holiday trip to Italy? If yes, be prepared to fall in love with an amazing country. The history, the food, the wine, architecture, the art and the hillside towns in Tuscany, and the Dolomites.

There is something here for all of them, who are ready to add one more amazing place in their travel list.

Though the list of places to visit in Italy is long, so long that it would take months to see all of them. 

Here are some of Italy’s best destinations, a good starting point for having the best holiday here.

1. Rome

Too obvious? Cliches are cliches for a reason because there’s something mostly real about them – and Rome is an admirable example of this.

• Simply- it’s an unmissable destination/place to plan for, with so much history and architecture that it can be overwhelming if you try to tackle it in the heat and crowds of the summer. 

• Plan your visit instead of Spring or Fall; with sights like the Colosseum, the Piazza Navona, The Trevi Fountain, you can head over the river to the Trastevere neighborhood, for local aestheticism; it’s a captivating area in which to get happily lost.

2. Venice

Venice never fails to amaze anyone who visits it.

• The faded colors of the architecture reflect in those iconic and canals, through which gondolas calmly glides, the bedazzled beauty of St Mark’s Square, the absolute lack of traffic, the incredible quality of the light, added by those watery passages – it’s truly another world of nature. 

• Spend your days crossing the bridges that span the canals roaming the narrow lanes.

• Take a one day trip to Burano, which, with its houses painted in a candy store of colors, is heaven for your next Instagram post 

3. Tuscany

Oh, Tuscany, how we completely fell in love with you. With picturesque hillside towns rising amidst rolling hills and vineyards. 

• Tuscany is beautiful and a delight to explore. You could without difficulty spend one week in Tuscany, settling down in a Tuscan villa, with day trips out to the surrounding towns.

4. Palermo

The Greek and Arab history of the island is wonderfully noticeable in the style and architecture of Palermo city. 

• Yes, though, the presence of the Mafia rumbles like, yet this adds to the picturesque quality – all doorways, narrow, winding streets, and locals. 

• Life is lived behind a backdrop of baroque facades, with Arabic domes rising over the town and mosaics of Byzantine on church walls and ceilings. 

5. Lake Garda

• The largest lake in Italy is amazingly a popular destination – but the size isn’t everything and in terms of beauty.

• This region offers it in truckloads. Roman ruins located above the waterline makes a particularly worthwhile stop, but each little town is vibrant with things to discover.

6. Verona

• We dare you to visit Verona and not stand on at least some form of a balcony, looking thoughtfully out in while the sunset. 

• You won’t be able to resist. After all, this treasure of a city formed the backdrop to the ultimate tragic love story,-Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, as well as several of his other plays. 

7.Lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy -A UNESCO World Heritage site, it features some incredible architecture, including a Roman amphitheater and theater. 

• Juliet’s balcony is located not far from here; visit the Casa di Giulietta museum if you want to be able to stand on it- It is unsurprisingly a popular destination 

• A 13th-century castle and Roman ruins perched above the waterline makes a particularly worthwhile stop, but each little town is vibrant with things to discover. 

8. Bologna

  • The world’s oldest university to be found here-Something of an unsung hero among overseas travelers Italians have been wise to the charming beauty of Bologna for decades and decades – and since it’s the place from where one of our favorite pasta toppings comes -Bolognese, of course!
  • With the world’s heritage university to be found here.
  • Moreover, its well-preserved historic center and picturesque views – Renaissance structures – the city’s architecture also features a beautiful medley of warm colors: all of which are a feast for the eyes and one more to add to your Instagram feed wall. 

Plan a trip and enjoy the beauty, food, and architecture, in the country where you walk amidst hills and over the bridges of water passages. 

Before planning a trip don’ t forget to make a visit list of this eight places in Italy, so that you have ample of holiday time to spend in the most classic and historic country of the world.

Till then Keep Travelling And Reading!!

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