Flixster has been regarded as one of the best apps on iPhone, iPad and Android for movie reviews, trailers and show times. With the release of IMDB’s official app, Flixster had to take things up a notch and come up with its own version in order to gain a following in the App Store. Now, the Flixster app has been released for the iOS interface, and here’s the official review:

The design of the application has been very well done. Sharp, good looking and precise, the Flixster app provides easy navigability and functionality at the touch of just a few buttons. On the top right of your screen, you can enter search terms in order to find the movie that you want reviews for. The good thing is, Flixster also incorporates ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB in order to provide a definitive review of the movie that you are searching for.

The scores and ratings that are provided in the app are generally aggregated from various different movie reviewing services, and reviews are also taken in to account before presenting the final picture. One of the things that might not go down as well with most people is the fact that the ‘certified movie reviews’ that are offered on the app aren’t really as accurate as they should be, and often times, they seem to be written by people who don’t often have much knowledge of the movie itself.

Now that the rating system has been defined, let’s take a look at the theater sections as well as the box office sections. The theater section is particularly useful, as it provides you with direct information regarding the movies that are playing in nearby theaters based on your location. Along the bottom of the screen, there are six individual categories that are provided. As is obvious, the Box Office page provides you with information regarding the movies that are opening this week, as well as the top grossing films.

There is also a DVDs section as well as an Upcoming Section, which provides you with information regarding the New Releases on DVD and Blu Ray, while the Coming Soon Tab also does virtually the same thing, while providing you with information regarding the upcoming movies on disc based formats. There are detailed sections for checking out actor/ actress profiles, as well as an overview section which provides you with complete information regarding a movie.

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