The App Stores of Australia and New Zealand has already received the sequel to one of the most popular mobile games in the world at present; Plants vs Zombies 2. Even though EA, the publisher of the Plants vs Zombies franchise had stated that the game wouldn’t be able to make its deadline, which was set at July 18th, it seems that the game has already begun to appear in the App Stores around the globe. However, for people who are getting excited, it would be wise to hold on to their horses for now, since it is likely that the release of the game today means that the developers are aiming to fine tune some of the niggling issues within the game. At present, it is available only in the Australian and New Zealand App stores.

The description on the App Store states that this is a direct sequel, which carries on the adventures of Crazy Dave as he attempts to defeat the zombies again. EA has stated that the game has been built completely from the ground up, and introduces a whole host of different changes, such as new power ups, new food for the plants, a host of new levels and a number of new zombies. Moreover, the game also provides support for saving on the cloud, allowing you to save your progress and then accessing the game from a number of different devices.

The company has stated that this soft launch is designed to check whether the game runs smoothly or not, and since there have been a number of new additions, such as a redesigned pricing model, it is likely that players who are attempting to play the game will see fluctuations in the overall prices.

However, the biggest change within the game has to be the fact that it is now a ‘freemium’ title, meaning that it can be downloaded for free, but you will have to make purchases within the game in order to really maximize upon the capability of the game. The ‘freemium’ model is becoming rapidly popular amongst a number of different games, which provide gamers with the option of playing the game but severely restrict their progress throughout the game, hence invoking the player to make purchases within the app itself. This way, the company is able to earn while the player gets to enjoy the game.

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