Siri is one of the finest innovations that Apple has introduced. Before it was introduced with the iOS 6 update, most people weren’t even sure of having a ‘talking smart phone’, but when the impact of Siri was revealed, a lot of people realized that it made their lives much easier. Rather than using their hands to use their phones, Siri could be configured to respond to a person’s voice, allowing them to get stuff done without even using their fingers on the phone. Most importantly, Siri is more than just your average mobile phone voice assistant. Siri can get you directions, it can dial contacts, it can send messages and it can take down notes as well as set reminders and alarms. From emails to app launches, Siri can do everything. But, did you know that Siri can also be used to play and control your music?

Now if you want to play a specific song on your iPhone, you just have to command Siri, your personal assistant and it will do it for you.

1. Just hold down the Home button for a bit, and Siri will pop up.

2. It will ask you the question “What can I help you with?”

3. Say the name of the song that you wish to play, preceded by ‘Play’.

4. Siri will confirm the request and your song will automatically start playing.

However, that’s not all. You can also play songs by different artists, or you can also choose to play songs of a completely different genre. For instance, if you are interested in listening to Bon Jovi, just say ‘Play songs by Bon Jovi’, and Siri will automatically scour your iPhone for songs by the said artist and start playing them.

Now, if you are interested in playing music of a specific genre, the process is also quite similar. Just press the Home Button until Siri pops up, and then say ‘Play dance music’ or virtually any other genre that you wish to play, such as ‘play Alternative Rock’, etc. If there are songs of the genre within your iPhone, Siri will begin to play them. Obviously, you can also use Siri to control the volume up or down by saying the appropriate commands, giving you complete control of your music playback. Pause and play functionality is also provided, while you can also choose to skip the track or move to the next track. For most people who do not feel like using their fingers, Siri is a great option that can control their music with finesse.

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