iPhone is a very expensive phone, after setting Apple’s set up” Find My iPhone Application “, you people think that now, this expensive device is absolutely safe. It is a wrong perception indeed!

The robbers and pickpockets of the present age have had complete knowledge, how making all the attempts foil, for locating your stolen device by the police and you.  Actually, after stealing they just turn off the location services on your iPhone, so “Find My iPhone application” ability is no more useful for the protection of your phone.

If you perform the following steps on your iPhone, the muggers will not be able to turn off the location services on your phone and you or the police can easily track down your phone:

  • You open settings on  iPhone home screen
  • Keep the General open
  • Choose the “Restrictions “on your iPhone
  • You should set Restrictions passcode on your phone, for this purpose just click “Enable Restrictions”. If the snatcher compels you to reveal the pass code then, use any other code than Unlock passcode
  • Select the “Allow Charges” list by scrolling down Restrictions’ list on your iPhone
  • Open the Location
  • Open and tick the “Do Not  Allow Changes”

Always Keep the Set Up of “Find My iPhone” in Place by under mentioned Steps:

  • Keep open Settings on iPhone’ home screen
  • iCloud should remain open
  • Be sure “Find My iPhone” has been turned on
  • After this gets back to Settings
  • Location Service must be in turn on position always
  • Set  “Find My iPhone “option ‘on’ by scrolling down the same screen
  • The date should always be correct on your iPhone, its procedure is very simple, go to Settings, then General and finally on Date & Time and set it correctly.
  • Your device must be up-to-date; it’s recommended that, it should have had ions 3.1 or ions 4.2.
  • You have to use the similar Apple’ ID on every device.

Insurance & Report Advice for iPhone Protects

If you get insured your iPhone properly, then, in case of theft you would contact immediately, your network provider and request him to disconnect your device at once. After this you go to the police and file a report of your phone theft. When you file a report don’t forget to mention the serial number of your iPhone.

Get the Service of “Find My iPhone” for Setting Lock code & Wiping  Your iPhone remotely

If, at the time of the theft there was no ‘Lock code” on your iPhone, and  you want that it may not be  used by thief easily, then first you should  go through the option, “Find My iPhone” for  setting  the  “Lock code” and wiping out  your device remotely.

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