Apple has a new brand iPhone that looks stunning, is faster than ever, and is outrageously expensive. The base model costs $1,000. One thousand dollars!

This is the very expensive iPhone X.

But there is a good news, friends: There is a far better iPhone out there currently and it costs very less that is half the price of the priced iPhone X model.

That phone is the iPhone SE; Apple’s best iPhone in the Apple variant.

Apple does an outstanding job at making people believe they need the newest iPhone right away!!

Even if that were true all the time, each person has their own preferences and choices. You might care a lot about the front facing camera, for instance and, in that respect, you may want to go with a variable model than the SE model.

The iPhone SE has the same efficient operating system as every other iPhone phones.

Despite Apple making it seem like you require the newest iPhone in order to get the latest Apple experience, the truth is that all current iPhone model operates the same version of iOS that the newest model functions.

On the iPhone SE you get the similar access to Apple’s walled garden of services and products -the App Store, for instance, the same security updates, and the same new emojis as every iPhone X owner.

At 4 inches display, the iPhone SE phone is a commonly sized phone model.

The new iPhone X is an enormous hunk of silicon, glass, and metal. We are talking about a phone that comes in a single size — nearly six inches tall and three inches wide to mention its dimensions.

The iPhone SE, by comparison, seems small. Here’s the thing: It isn’t!! The iPhone SE seems tiny only by comparing, as we have all gotten used to smartphones getting bizarrely larger every annum. Some folks love this choosing to purchase “Plus” versions of the iPhone variant.

BONUS: The iPhone SE can easily fit into, say, a small clutch, while many of the hulking “Plus” models of iPhone don’t. Something to consider!

It’s got a best camera, on par with any other iPhone and all main Android phones!

Don’t worry: Everything from HDR to 4K photos is assembled into the iPhone SE. And yes, you can also do Live Photos on the iPhone SE just like you would on any other new iPhone model.

Most importantly, though, you can easily snap beautiful and crisp, detailed photos using the iPhone SE’s 12-megapixel rear camera element. Alike the A9 chip at the heart of the iPhone SE, the similar camera from the iPhone 6S is assembled into the iPhone SE model. 

The iPhone SE is impressively all-powerful

The chip which powers the iPhone SE also powers the iPhone 6S and the most recent iPad-It’s called the Apple A9, and it delivers more horsepower than you require in a smartphone.

Apple labels it “One of the most powerful 4 inch phone ever built, precisely due to that chip, i.e. A9.

More than just a zippy smartphone/device, the A9 powers high-definition games, 4K video recording, and pretty much every other things you want to do with your iPhone right away! Primarily, the A9 makes the iPhone SE feel like a modern phone in terms of everyday use.

At just $350 to start-The iPhone SE is remarkably affordable.

Millions of people will excitedly plunk a full stack for the iPhone X. It’s more than just a phone; it’s a status symbol. I get it. It’s a much more affordable variant of a Ferrari.

Hope you are convinced that iPhone SE is better than the iPhone X, rush in at the nearest iPhone SE stores today!

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