Have you ever heard the color of River water turns in bright red color.

You won’t believe but this happen in Russia, Daldykan River in Russia which is near to Norilsk city turns blood red in color nobody knows what’s the exact reason behind it.


According to some localities, this is because of industrial waste arise from a nearby nickel plant.

Denis Koshevoi, a PH.D candidate at the Vernadsky institude for geochemistry who researches pollution in the area, explained to the Guardian. He said that Norilsk Nickel pumps chemical solutions from Nadezhda to a nearby tailings dam via pipes, and that the factory also pumps metal concentrates from ore mills to Nadezhda.

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Koshevoi added Periodically there are accidents when these pipes break and the solutions spill and get into the Daldykan—that’s why it changes color.”

Few guardians also stated that “you get scared when you see this. And people are still gathering mushroom and berries.”

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