Do not forget to unlock your BlackBerry when on the move. Gain on money and reduce on spending. Do not block local carriers from your BlackBerry as it will only add to your expenses. Unlock and remove restrictions from your device so that, other carriers can find your BlackBerry.

Where can you unlock codes from?

You can get codes to unlock your BlackBerry device from your carrier or a third-party, provided that your contract is fulfilled.

How to get your Unlock Code?

There are three ways to obtain the unlock code for your BlackBerry.

From BlackBerry’s IMEI Number

The unique identification number provides the key to unlock your BlackBerry code.

Why is IMEI number required to unlock your BlackBerry phone?

The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number is a unique identifier numerical that is utilized by GSM network to stop stolen devices from accessing the associated network. By recovering the code details it is possible to unlock your BlackBerry device. It is an important figure that helps your carrier or third-party provider, to dig up the unlock code details.

How to retrieve the IMEI number from your BlackBerry device?

The method to retrieve IMEI number is different for each and every BlackBerry version.

For BlackBerry 10

In Settings, select Advanced option. In the drop-down menu list that appears, tap on the Hardware option. The IMEI number for your device is displayed in the window.

For BlackBerry 6 and 7

Click Options and select Device. Click Device and Status Information option to view IMEI number for your mobile.

For BlackBerry 5 (or any previous version)

Click Options and select Status, to display the IMEI number for your phone.

From your Carrier

Get your BlackBerry unlocked for free. Your carrier will not charge to unlock your mobile, if your contract is fulfilled. Make sure that your Blackberry phone is completely paid-off before approaching your carrier for a free unlocking work. Also, ensure that your contract requirements are not pending.

From a Third-Party Unlocking Service Provider

If your carrier is not willing to provide you with the unlocking code, then it is best to approach a third-party provider. The service will not be available free of cost. Provide your IMEI number when you ask for your unlocking code. Though the given time (official) for receiving your code is around three days, it actually happens within a few hours time.

How to ensure that the third-party services offered are genuine?

Evaluate reviews on the third-party service provider that you are likely to approach to ensure that the services are legal.

How to Unlock your BlackBerry with Unlock Code?

The method to unlock your BlackBerry is different for each and every Blackberry version.

To Unlock BlackBerry 10

In Settings, select Security and Privacy, and then select the SIM Card option. Scroll down and tap on the Unlock Phone option. Now, enter your code details and tap on OK. Your BlackBerry 10 phone is now unlocked. Note that there are only 10 allowed chances, after which your phone will be disabled (for wrong entries).

To Unlock BlackBerry 7

In Manage Connections check if all network connections are disabled. Disable WiFi and Mobile Networks options.
1. In Options, select Device, and then select Advanced System Settings. Click on SIM Card option to open the menu option.
2. Enter `MEPD’ in the SIM Card menu option. A new menu window appears and the Network showcases as Active. Note that, for model numbers 71xx, 81xx, and 91xx, the entry in the SIM Card menu option is `MEPPD’.
3. Enter `MEP(Alt)2’ and if nothing happens, then enter `MEP(Alt)4’. Note that, for model numbers 71xx, 81xx, and 91xx, the entry is `MEPPD(Alt)2’ or `MEPPD(Alt)4’.
4. Now, enter your unlock code details (there are 255 permitted tries).
5. Unlock your BlackBerry phone and insert your new SIM card to re-enable your connections.

To Unlock BlackBerry 6 (and earlier versions)

1. Remove battery and take out SIM card from the BlackBerry device.
2.Inset New SIM Card.
3.Power on your BlackBerry phone.
4. A prompt to enter unlock code data appears.
5. Enter code and successfully unlock your BlackBerry device.

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