New York also know as “Big Apple” is one of the most visited cities in the USA and has highly influenced the world with this culture, art, fashion and finance. Planning a trip to New York can be overwhelming, especially for first timers. From This city is so vast that its difficult to cover everything in just one visit, every time you visit NYC there will be something new for you to discover!

So here I am going to write about a place known to whole world for many different reasons either for having the top business companies in world, Time Square or for being the center of modern civilization and culture. We are talking about none other than the “New York” city.



In numbers there are hundreds of sites that you can possibly visit and it is difficult to select few. Still we are enlisting some of the sites that you people might not want to leave anyway.

1. Central park

Central Park New York | Cool Things to Do In New York City NYC

Your visit to New York is incomplete if you didn’t visit the best iconic park in the world, the “Central park”. Spreading on 843 acres and having lush oasis right in the middle, the park dates back to mid 18th century. You will never find yourself free over there if you indulge in Yoga, concert or ice skating activity in winter.


2. Empire state building

Empire State Building | Cool Things to Do In New York City NYC

Do you want to have a jaw dropping view of Manhattan city? Then you will have to wait in long lines outside the famous tourist site “Empire state building”. But believe me, it is worth doing. As you reach the 86th floor of this highly developed state of the art building you will witness the symbol of American dream.


3. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty | Cool Things to Do In New York City NYC

How many of you don’t know the name of Statue of Liberty? Perhaps no one. But have you visited this greatest of site in the history of United States of America? Developed and located in the NYC harbor, the statue is perhaps one of the most replicated design of architecture in the present world. We have personally seen various architectural experts who only visit the site for the sole purpose of having knowledge about the designing and development that is the great exhibition of human craft and art.

Other important attractions to include in your trip should be Metropolitan Museum of Art – World Class Art Collection Museum, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Times Square, Madame Tussauds wax museum, Brooklyn Bridge and Chrysler Building (but the list is never ending)



Entertainment in NYC | Cool Things to Do In New York City NYC

New York is a place where you find everything including fun and entertainment.

4. Broadway

Time to see a movie show at broadway. The last time we visited this place, we saw Lion king. The show is attractive and don’t forget to buy the tickets in advance for extra discount. Believe me you have a very little chance of watching a show if you leave ticket buying at the very last day. So plan ahead to make the most of your trip!


5. Fuerza Bruta

Is Broadway too mainstream and you want to go off road? Then this place is one hell of a spot. Dazzling light, Cameo colors and young people dancing all around you. Fuerza Bruta is an unimaginable show, you wont believe how awesome it is until you see it yourself. The tickets range from$75.00 – $89.00. You surely would have plenty of wow moments to cherish and remember for rest of your life.


6. Photography

If photography is your passion that you live for, then New York City has much to offer you. As described before that the city is full of sky touching buildings, bridges and modern civilization culture, it is perhaps the best place to capture the very fine moments of Joy and daily routine. Just remember to pick the nicest of spots in order to get the perfect view of landscapes and iconic skylines.


7. Sleep no more

If photography not one of your choices than go for the “sleep no more” theater. Get ready to explore new dimensions of art and culture with iconic exhibition of beauty and drama. It is going to make you ride a whole new journey.


Food and Dining

Food And Dining in NYC| Cool Things to Do In New York City NYC

No trip is ever completed without the mentioning of food places. So here we have gathered some of the finest spots you will come across in NYC.

8. Dani’s house of Pizza

Some even say that your trip isn’t completed if you didn’t tasted the pizza of New York City. No one you will find who has the same opinion of best pizza in town as another one. But personally we came across the Dani’s house Pizza and its rich chicken grilled cheese Pizza touched our heart like never at any place before. So go for it.

9. Bagels to look for

As we mentioned that pizza is the best food in town but the bagels are also there to be mentioned. There are also many myth’s associated with the very fine taste of these NYC bagels but we are not in position to support any of them. But one place we found that had a special taste of its own was the “Brooklyn Bagel and coffee company”. Don’t forget to have breakfast over there.


Enjoy night life

Night Life in NYC | Cool Things to Do In New York City NYC

Well, there is no place on this planet earth where you will find more life and enjoyment at night than the New York City. Its bars are filled with joy and laughter. Pretty women over here are going to make you stay for longer as the rich modern beauty will stop your way again and again. So if not for much, just go out on a one night stand and you will remember us for this advice. Just step onto it!



There are many places on this planet earth where you can find beauty of different sort, but here in the New York city life is totally exhibiting its beauty in a different way. Here you will find life in the fast growing economy, tall sky touching mountains and busy life schedule. From a tourist point of view you can get much to learn if you have an open heart and mind to receive and accept. If you are one of them than just go for it and have the best fun of your entire life.

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